Getting Ready for Halloween

I had a little rant about what I give out instead of candy for Halloween. I didn’t mention that I also gave out princess go-fish games to the tween/teen boys that didn’t dress up. They didn’t even come up with a good excuse either, they just said they didn’t have a costume. Jerks! Haha I hope they loved their treat though.

I also just made this blue angry bird hat for my mom. That’s what she’s wearing instead of a costume. And yes, I know I look creepy in that picture. You try taking a picture like that!

No-Sew "Take Luck" Pennant

Like my Brian Regan reference? If you don’t get the joke, listen to it here. If it’s not a running joke in your area, there are a million different things you could put instead. The joy of crafting is the personalization!

I saw this cute printable banner for St. Patrick’s Day but I don’t have any ink in my printer and I’m trying to do with out as long as I can. That being said I also scored some St. Patrick’s Day material from a big find at a yard sale recently. For these small holidays I don’t usually keep my decorations so this is a quick easy project that could fall apart by next year.

Green Fabric of Some Sort
White or Contrast Fabric

1. Fold your fabric so that there are 8 layers.

2. Cut a banner-like triangle.

3. Use white fabric and cut out your letters.

4. Glue your letters to your triangles. I used tacky glue. If you use it, make sure you have something beneath it may bleed through just enough to make things a little sticky!

5. Cut slits in the top corners of each triangle. These holes will be used to string them together.

6. String them together, I had a preschooler help me with this, we just used yarn and she had fun pulling the yarn.

That’s it! Quick and easy is how I like my holiday crafts! But as I’m told, I only like to do holiday crafts for the holiday’s that I enjoy. And those are pretty much just the fall holidays. The springtime ones get on my nerves after the 40th themed post showing up in my reader! Haha I vent about that in my Valentine’s Day post!

Back to Past Favorites

Since we finally got back into the internet world, we were able to stream TV shows and have been watching alot of TV. I wanted to do something while sitting there so I started up knitting again. I learned how to knit when I was in the 4th grade, we each had to do about a foot length of a scarf, to add to one that they had been working on for years. It was based on a story, Ernie and the Mile-Long Muffler.

I brought my knitting over to my parents house, and wanted to show my sister how to knit too. We couldn’t find any extra needles and I was sure I had some there. My sister mentioned a big box that I had left when I moved out so we had to go explore it.

We spent a good hour or so uncovering the first layer of junk in the box. Most of it was stuff I had held onto for no good reason and I threw it out. (Seriously, invitations to stuff I don’t even remember??) I did find lots of pictures, scrapbook pages, cards and letters. When I brought it home, I finally found one pair of needles and some old homework and school projects, including this one.
Anyway, after all that I was finally able to finish one wash cloth and show my sister how to knit a little too. It is just the regular knitting stitch for the entire thing, but it turned out cute! The yarn is perfect texture for a wash cloth, I used it to wash my face yesterday and it worked really well! The needles I used were size 10.5. If you want to make your own, there are tons of good videos on youtube to show you how! I had to use one to remind me how to cast off. I plan to make more with the rest of my yarn, and possibly try selling them or giving them as gifts.

Halloween Garland

This garland was a compilation of other cute crafts I had seen online. The tools you need are:
Toilet Paper Tubes
Scrap Halloween Fabric, cut into 3/4 inch thick strips, by 3-5 inches long
Acrylic Paints

First you cut your toilet paper tubes in half. Then you paint them orange and add a black pumpkin face.

Next you will let them dry and start tying your fabric scraps onto the yarn. I made sure my strips of fabric were angled at the ends.

Tie strips for about 9 inches.

Punch Holes in your pumpkin, and thread the yarn through.

Keep tying strips for another 9 inches and add the next pumpkin. Do this until you run out of scraps.

Trim the edges of the yarn and hang for Halloween! Happy Haunting!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments took a bit of imagination, I cut most of the pieces free-hand. The only stencil I used was for the gingerbread man body and I used the same stencil for the santa body.

I cut out 2 bodies for each of them and added the other pieces from there. Make sure to cut out everything before you start stitching.

Next, stitch all of the smaller pieces onto the front and back first. (the gloves, buttons, faces, hats, etc.)

Then, start at the top, leave a few inches of your yarn or floss and stitch around the edges of the body.

Before you get all the way to the top, stuff the body with your filling. (I used my felt scraps instead of batting)

Finish stitching the top, and leave the same amount of extra yarn as you did when you started. Tie those two together at the bottom, and tie together at the top.

Now you are prepared with gifts or this year’s ornaments. Another idea is to stitch the year on the back and maybe your name or initials. Have fun!

These are available at my etsy store, click here to view them. Thanks for looking!

Getting Dirty with Mod Podge- Glass and Yarn Art

I wanted to play with my new bottle of mod podge, so here’s what I made.

Cut out all of your pieces of yarn first.

Paint a layer of mod podge around the entire glass. Then dip them in modpodge ( I put mine on a paper plate to the side, you don’t want random yarn fibers hanging out in the mod podge canister later) and stick them on your glass. The mod podge makes a nice clear texture So you want it to be textured all over.

That’s it! Now I have some funky labeled jars in my bathroom instead of just plain ones. Have fun crafting!