Pressed Flower Cards and Embellishments

I wrote a guide to pressing flowers at Arizona Mama. Click Here first.

When you have pressed flowers cards and anything else are easy to make. One lady commented that a bookmark would be a good gift idea to make.

Materials Needed:
Pressed flowers
Cards (Or cardstock cut and folded)
Anything else you wish to embellish your cards with
Packing Tape (Or laminate sheets, it works better but I had none)
Envelopes if wanted

Lay your pressed flower on the card where you want it. Anything else that you may want on the card should be placed there already, it usually makes it easier as tape is difficult to put things over. You can also make adjustments to the flower, such as trimming it shorter, pulling off leaves or thorns.

Take a large piece of tape (larger than your card) and place it over the flower, make sure there is about 1/4 inch of tape around all parts of the flower, you want to make sure that the tape will seal well. If your flower is wider than your piece of tape, you can lay another piece of tape on it, but you will get a slightly noticeable line across the entire thing.

Next you will trim the edges of the tape that hang off the sides of the card. You can also fold them over and glue a pretty piece of paper to the other side, hiding the edges of the tape.

This works well for cards, and for small embellishments. I put some of my pressed flowers or smaller pieces of cardstock for putting on cards later, for using as gift tags and for scrabooking embellishments.

I went the cheap and easy route, but if you wanted to do this for scrapbooking you would need to find an acid free tape or laminate sheets.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my Arizona Mama posts!

Go Green: Money-Saving or Earth Friendly? (Reusable Gift Bags)

I don’t care why your trying to go green, for me it’s just to save money and feel better about not being as wasteful. I’m making a ton of different gift bags to get ready for birthdays and Christmas this year. I reuse the regular paper gift bags, but they get destroyed really easily. Wrapping paper is one use only too.

These bags are pretty simple to make, I made a bunch of different ones from scrap fabric, and they turned out really cute. I don’t really use patterns, but these are really just a cylinder shape.

Tote bags or drawstring backpacks would be a good way to wrap presents too.

You can also check my etsy shop to buy some of these that I have made.

Rolled Paper Flowers

These are fun to make with cute scrapbook paper that has a white middle.

First, tear your self a circle- sort of. It doesn’t have to be anywhere close to perfect!

Next tear another circle, make it slightly smaller than the last one. Do this a few times.

Take your first torn circle and fold the edges over, like the pictures.

Fold the edges on the rest and layer them.

I decided to make leaves for this one.

Pin everything together by using a brad and your ready to embellish a scrapbook page, notebook or anything else.

15 Cent Notebooks

I don’t think that I ever got a cute notebook or folder, unless I bought it myself. And the latest movie characters on a notebook was never worth my money. Now that I have to buy all of the school supplies, a 15 cent notebook is a good deal. I usually take a quick peek to see how much the cute ones cost, but a whole dollar more for the same thing?!? Forget it!

I don’t have kids yet, but I’m a student still. I want cute school supplies too!! So I bought a bunch of the 15 cent notebooks and the equally cheap and ugly folders and took them home to decorate.

I used a little scrapbook paper and some mod podge. I made a folder for my stencils and a cute one to show if I had a little boy. Think about the possibilities! Magazine cut outs could make a collage of your child’s favorite things, or you could print a Hannah Montana picture instead. Just be careful when using the mod podge you keep it away from the actual pages so that they don’t get glued together or anything!

I made a rolled flower (click here for tutorial)for this notebook, and just glued that over the ugly words in the corner. (I’ve been fond of anything silvery or gray lately!)

If you don’t want your kids making a mess of mod podge, use laminate paper instead. Have fun decorating!