Fabric Headrest Mounted Tablet Holder

I saw a plastic one of these at Ross for $12.99 and I put it back because I figured I could make a fabric one! (Plus the plastic one looked totally cheesy and I was worried that the tablet would fall out!) This one only cost about a dollar or so, I think it’s a much better deal! This tablet holder is kind of an ugly project– I could make it cute, but it doesn’t have to be pretty because it’s useful and I’m lazy.

Also, this is for a 10.5 inch tablet, but use your own tablet measurements to figure out the right dimensions!

1 foot Clear Vinyl (I bought 4 Gauge, at least that’s what the receipt said, I just picked the thinnest)
Scrap Fabric, Just a bit bigger than your tablet
Bias Tape

Use your tablet to measure out your fabric. There should be at least and inch or two on each side.

Cut out the fabric, and cut out the same size for the plastic.

Next, you will want to go out to the car and measure around the headrest with a flexible tape measure. You will need the length around the top to bottom (make sure they overlap) and around the top, from side to side. That length, plus an extra 10 inches is how much ribbon you will need.

Each length of ribbon will be cut into two, but don’t do it evenly. Have more on one side than the other so that the bow you tie will be able to be tied off to the side, so that there won’t be a knot in the back of the person’s head that is sitting in the seat.

Put your plastic on top of your back fabric and place the ribbons in the middle, with the edges at the edge of the fabric and plastic,

Sew the 3 sides, and turn it inside out. (This is where more work could be done to make it prettier, those seams are pretty ugly! Covering them with bias tape might be cute.)

Next, make a bias tape or use an already bought one and finish off the top edge. A ribbon will need to be added to the top as well.

This is going to be so helpful for our next road trip, as my son has started watching cartoons lately. I’m going to try to save it for when he gets really cranky though!

I was impressed to find out that the touch screen was still able to be used with the clear vinyl. The vinyl does cling to the screen as well.

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Fabric Shower Hanger

My little sister is going off to college, so I made her this fabric shower hanger. She can take it from her dorm room to the showers, and all of her soap and stuff is ready to go! It’s another one of those “ugly projects” because the mesh is ugly, but it will dry easily.

28″ Pet Screening (I found it near the mesh, if you can’t find it, more mesh should work just fine)
32″ Mesh
Decent Hanger (Something that will take a little weight)

1. Fold the edges over once on each side of the screen, and zig zag stich them.

2. Fold screen at the 28 inch mark and pin. The two outsides should be facing each other. Use the hanger to draw a line of where it will be. The hook of the hanger will go through a small slit cut at the top. After the line is drawn, it can be sewn, and the slit can be cut and the excess can be trimmed. Yours may look different than mine, depending on the shape of your hanger.

3. Next the mesh can be cut. Please see the picture below for the dimensions. The selvage is used as the top edge of all of your pockets so that you have less to sew. After the pieces are cut, fold the other edges over twice and iron them down.

4. The pockets are pleated. Describing how to do the pleats is a bit tricky, so take a good look at the pictures. In the main design picture below I have measurements of how wide the pockets are at the bottom. Click on it to see it better. This is the space you will need to fit extra fabric in by pleating it, the measurements above is the length of the fabric that is folded into the space at the bottom. Keep reading it will make more sense!

Pin the right edge down first, there’s nothing tricky about that. Measure 6 1/2 inches of your fabric (mark it if you want to). Measure 3 1/2 inches on the screen material and pin the 6 1/2 inch mark of fabric to the 3 1/2 mark on the screen. Now take the fabric between the 3 1/2 inch mark and fold it, so that the bottom is a straight line and pin it. Also place a pin at the top of the pocket, where the 6 1/2 inch mark and the 3 1/2 inch mark meet. (The pink fabric one is my original sample)

Do the same for the other two pockets on that row, but using their measurements. After they are all pinned, they can be sewn. Sew around the three main edges, then go back and sew the dividing lines (where the top pins are). Make sure you don’t catch any of the other mesh in the dividing lines (it’s really frustrating when you do!)

5. The toothbrush and razor pockets are easy, they aren’t pleated. Just sew around the edges, and then divide the pocket in half with the sewn dividing line.

6. Plan out the bottom pockets the same way, by marking and pinning them and then sew them.

7. Put the hanger in, and then sew the back flap around the outside bottom of the hanger, to keep it in there really well.

You can now fill the shower organizer with all of your stuff and hang it up. I did, and it worked great. The main thing was I wanted to be sure that it held regular size bottles, because not all of them do. Thanks for following along even though it was a little confusing! Leave a comment if you can explain it better or if you still need help.

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Ugly Clown Pajama Shorts from T-Shirts

So sometime I make really ugly projects. This only happens when I make mistakes or if it is really useful. This time I made something ugly and useful. I’ve been needing pajama shorts for bed but I really don’t want to buy any.

These could have been cute if they were the same color, but I was using the scraps of t-shirt left from my t-shirt quilt, so I only had the backs of the shirts and none were the same. (I do have other t-shirts in my stash, but I’m saving those to make more skirts.)

Large T-shirts
A Pair of Shorts to use as a pattern

First, fold your shorts so that you can use them as a pattern. The need to be turned inside out, and then pull one leg inside of the other.

Another first is to cut out your t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and other seams. I had already done it from when I was making the t-shirt quilt.

I am a small person, so two halves of a large t-shirt was enough to make me some shorts, if you are larger using two whole t-shirts would be a good option, just don’t cut off the side seams before-hand so you can save yourself a little work. Also, the shorts I used as a pattern were small booty-shorts so I made sure to make them longer so that they would be more comfortable. (They’re ugly so they better be comfy!!)

After you cut out your pattern on both shirts, it’s time to sew them up. The first seam to sew is the leg on each side. Once you do both of those, you can place your sides together and sew the crotch of the shorts.

Lastly, is the top seam where you will put in the elastic. I just fold it over once when I am using t-shirts because they won’t fray. Leave a small section un-sewn so that you can slide your elastic in. I like to use a large safety pin to help me get the elastic through.

Sew your elastic together and if you want you can sew the top seam closed and you’re done.

If you have done pajama pants before it is super easy to recreate. I know that was alot of people’s first projects, and if you haven’t done it yet buy a real pattern, and do it with t-shirts. It’s easy I promise! Especially if you know from the beginning that they are going to be ugly no matter what you do. Thanks for stopping by!

Camping Foam Pad and Case

My husband has been doing some training with the military and has been sleeping on a cot. Trying to sleep, anyway. It’s been super uncomfortable so he asked that I buy him a foam pad for it. They were really thin and not very squishy, so I bought a queen-sized foam mattress pad instead. Doubled up it will be thicker and more comfortable.

Queen Sized Foam Mattress Pad
Fabric (or a queen sized sheet would work better)

1. First cut your foam mattress pad in half. It should be almost perfect size for a cot (or to lay on the ground under a sleeping bag). My mattress pad measured 56″ x 77″ x 1.25″. If yours is different the next few measurements will be different also.

2a. If you are using fabric instead of a sheet you need to cut your fabric. You should have two pieces that measure 33″ x 80″. I was using fabric I had, so I had to sew two pieces together to get the right length.

2b. If you are using a sheet, you don’t need to cut anything, just fold your sheet in half.

3. Next you will need to sew around all the edges but one of the skinny sides. Make sure your outsides of the fabric are together. When you are done turn it inside out.

4. The final step of sewing is to hem the edge and add velcro. We’re going to make that one step. Fold the edges, and pin the velcro on top of them. Sew the edges of the velcro.

5. Now for the fun part. Getting the case onto the doubled-up foam pad is a little bit of a nightmare. It’s just like a pillowcase. Bunching it up and putting it on like panty hose helped.

Velcro it shut and your done! I used rope to tie it when it’s rolled up, but you could sew on straps. Have fun camping more comfortably!