Maxi Skirt Refashion

I recently bought this Maxi skirt, not realizing it was a maxi skirt. In the pictures online it looked much shorter. I can’t really walk in it. I was trying to decide what to do with the bottom when I came across these two pictures, so I decided to add some drawstring.

I used extra t-shirt scraps from this dress to make the 4 tubes for the drawstring (there are tubes on the inside of the skirt as well). I sewed them on before I threaded the ribbon through them and sewed up the top of the tubes. (I know, not a very good tutorial. I will expand on that if/when I make another.)

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More T-shirt Remodels

I found these cute V-Neck T-Shirts for $5, new! They were such pretty colors I had to get them and make something out of them. They were actually in the Men’s department, although I don’t know any men that would wear these colors. I still want to paint them or add iron-ons but right now I am lacking inspiration of what to decorate them with. Check out the links to look at tutorials!

I made another Skirt. This one has pockets!

I made my sister a pair of Bermuda shorts. I made them just like I would make pajama pants, but with some of the work cut out because the bottom seams were already finished. She only wants to wear “comfortable pants” (aka: leggings) so I hope she likes getting these for her birthday!

I made another dress, this one with t-shirt sleeves. I love the t-shirt look with the V-Neck. This is another gift that hasn’t been given yet so I don’t have a model but trust me it will look so much cuter when it is worn!

With the scraps from these pretty shirts I made some flowers. I turned them into a pin for this dress. I have tons more, but I’m not sure what I will use them for yet!

Removable Flower Pin to Dress Up Shirts

Recently I have been making tons of stuff from t-shirts, including these dresses. I made one for my sister’s birthday but it was from a plain V-Neck so I wanted to dress it up a little. With a pin, it can be used on other shirts and taken off when they are washed.

T-Shirt Dress with Flower Pin
3 Flowers Made with This Tutorial
Pearl Beads
Safety Pin (Or two even!)

Use this tutorial to make your flowers. Towards the end of the tutorial, use three pearls and stitch them to the center of the flower instead of the button.

Each flower will be stitched onto the felt.

The felt will be cut out around the three flowers.

Next, a safety pin will be added to the back and stitched on.

Now you have a fun pin that will work with almost any shirt and you can take it off to wash the shirt or dress.

Heartbeat of Disney T-Shirt

I recently went on a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland. (They have a great Military Promotion going on! It says to buy it on base, but they sold the tickets to me for the promotional price at the gate.) The night before we went my cousin and I decided to make our own Disney shirts.

My shirt was based on the heartbeat of disney wallpaper at Design Disney Raoul. I think the wallpaper is amazing so I attempted to copy it on my t-shirt. I didn’t have a embroidery hoop or stencil chalk on hand- so that’s my excuse for the crooked-ness and mistakes!

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Pajama Shorts From T-Shirts

Ugly Clown Pajama Shorts from T-Shirts

So sometime I make really ugly projects. This only happens when I make mistakes or if it is really useful. This time I made something ugly and useful. I’ve been needing pajama shorts for bed but I really don’t want to buy any.

These could have been cute if they were the same color, but I was using the scraps of t-shirt left from my t-shirt quilt, so I only had the backs of the shirts and none were the same. (I do have other t-shirts in my stash, but I’m saving those to make more skirts.)

Large T-shirts
A Pair of Shorts to use as a pattern

First, fold your shorts so that you can use them as a pattern. The need to be turned inside out, and then pull one leg inside of the other.

Another first is to cut out your t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and other seams. I had already done it from when I was making the t-shirt quilt.

I am a small person, so two halves of a large t-shirt was enough to make me some shorts, if you are larger using two whole t-shirts would be a good option, just don’t cut off the side seams before-hand so you can save yourself a little work. Also, the shorts I used as a pattern were small booty-shorts so I made sure to make them longer so that they would be more comfortable. (They’re ugly so they better be comfy!!)

After you cut out your pattern on both shirts, it’s time to sew them up. The first seam to sew is the leg on each side. Once you do both of those, you can place your sides together and sew the crotch of the shorts.

Lastly, is the top seam where you will put in the elastic. I just fold it over once when I am using t-shirts because they won’t fray. Leave a small section un-sewn so that you can slide your elastic in. I like to use a large safety pin to help me get the elastic through.

Sew your elastic together and if you want you can sew the top seam closed and you’re done.

If you have done pajama pants before it is super easy to recreate. I know that was alot of people’s first projects, and if you haven’t done it yet buy a real pattern, and do it with t-shirts. It’s easy I promise! Especially if you know from the beginning that they are going to be ugly no matter what you do. Thanks for stopping by!

My First Quilt- a T-Shirt Quilt

I finally finished my first quilt! I used my husband’s t-shirts to make a quilt for my little boy to have while he’s gone. It made it easier for my husband to go through and get rid of some of his old t-shirts.

Each of the squares are 15×15. For a baby it’s huge, but he will grow into it. I used sheer fusible backing for the t-shirts and there is no batting because it’s hot here and I want the baby to be able to use it all the time. With the fusible backing on the t-shirts and the actual backing it is still plenty thick. I used painter’s tape to make my sideways lines while quilting it, and each line is A Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book apart. (You know you love my measuring methods!) I used a nice gray for the quilting after finding out that micro-filament is difficult to use.

Sleeveless Onsie from Adult T-Shirt

I found this cute idea for a shortall on Pinterest. It’s by Heather of Feather’s Flights and she made a great tutorial and pattern. Check her’s out here. I had some ideas of how I wanted to change it, so here’s what I did.

I didn’t use her pattern, although I’m sure it would be easier (I haven’t had ink in my printer for quite awhile now, it would have been easier but at least it makes me think creatively!). I used one the baby already had and traced it onto tissue paper. I made sure to add quite a bit of space on each side, because I wanted him to have room to grow and for my seam allowance. I also was planning on making a tank top, so there was extra space on the sides of the neck.

The onsie I was copying didn’t have the extra piece that Heather had on hers, it was just the front and the back pieces, the same shape. After cutting out the pattern I pinned it to the front of the t-shirt and cut it out of the shirt.

Next I cut the neckline and just cut a little bit off of each side and then pin it back together and sew it.

The sides also need to be sewn, put the two pieces with outsides facing in together, then pin and sew the sides, starting under the arm hole.

The next thing is to hem the legs and arm holes. I did just a single fold under and stitched it.

Next it is time to figure out the snaps. I used snap tape and sewed it on by first pinning one side to the bottom, but with both outsides facing in. I stitched one side and then turned it over so insides were both inside and stitched it closed. For the bottom snaps I pinned them outsides facing in and just stitched it once. Now when they snap the tape isn’t very visible.

Incredibles Costume T-shirt

Every year at work we dress up for Halloween. There’s a theme for everyone in the clinic. This year our theme is superheroes. I will only be working a couple hours that day so I wanted something easy and comfortable. My sister suggested Elastigirl.

This same T-shirt could be for any of the Incredibles, I might do one on a red onsie so that my baby can be Jack-Jack.

Materials Needed:
Red T-Shirt
Black Scraps
Orange Scraps
Yellow Scraps
White Scrap

T-Shirt Instructions:
I used an old T-shirt of my husband’s and tried to put it together to fit me, but it would be much easier to use a shirt that already fits.

First I added the black neckline. I used another old T-shirt for this, but any type of black fabric would work. I cut the neckline out of the shirt and sewed it on, but if I was using a T-shirt that fit, I would have cut out black fabric and folded it over the existing neckline and sewn it on that way.

Next, I cut out the pieces for my logo. I googled the logo and copied it from there. You could print it out and cut it out if you needed a pattern. For the fabric I used scraps I had, but if you have more choices than I did, I would choose knit fabrics so that the edges don’t fray (like mine did).

I cut the black out of the other t-shirt. I just cut a big oval. I used the black oval to figure out the outside line of the orange. I guessed the inside cuts of the orange and pinned them to the black. I cut a rectangle for the bottom of the i and then cut off the top with a slant. I used a can that was slightly wider than the bottom of the i to trace the next piece of yellow. I used another circle lying around my kitchen for the white in the i.

To sew the patch I started with the black piece with the orange pinned on. I used black thread (I didn’t have any orange) and a small, dense zig-zag stitch. I sewed the edges of the inside of the orange. I then pinned on the i pieces and did the outside of the yellow. I then switched to white thread and sewed the middle of the i on.

Once the patch is finished, it’s time to sew it on the shirt. On a smaller shirt you may have to take the shirt apart to sew it on, mine I didn’t need to. I switched to red thread and did the same zig-zag stitch around the edges.

Mask Instructions:

If you want a model to work with, you can make a quick mold of your face using tin foil. I used a knit black scrap and just started cutting, comparing to my model. I folded it in half to try to make it a bit more symmetrical. I hot glued the ribbon to the middle of the edge on each side, and had plenty so I could tie a bow in the back.

I loved the way it turned out, but next time I will definitely use knit scraps for everything! I will probably just wear both of these with jeans, but it would be easy to use a pair of red sweatpants with black undies over the top if you were brave!

Stuffed Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Last Year and years before I learned to make these cute pumpkins with a roll of toilet paper. Last year I also ran out of toilet paper in my house multiple times, and took apart the pumpkins to use the toilet paper.

This year I decided I didn’t want to waste a whole roll of toilet paper, so I used just the tubes and crinkled toilet paper. I tried newspaper but I didn’t like the way it looked.

First, you lay your square of fabric down. (Mine were t-shirts sleeves so I bunched them up and secured them with a rubber band.) Then you put your toilet paper tube in the center (I wanted small ones so I cut my toilet paper tube in half)

Next start crinkling your toilet paper, kind of fold it over and over. Place in around your tp tube and fold the cloth over it and stuff the cloth in the toilet paper tube.

When finished stuffing the pumpkin hot glue the fabric to the toilet paper tube.

Next, find something to use as a stem. I used a cardboard roll from aluminum foil. I painted it a darker brown and added leaves. All of these were also hot glued in.

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