Boo-ing: Round Two

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Do you know what “Boo-ing” is? Most people that I talk to don’t know what it is until I explain it, and then usually they remember hearing about it. It is a fun door-bell ditching activity to do around Halloween. You take a treat or gift of some sort and a print out (a poem with instructions and a picture to tape to the door, meaning “We’ve already been boo-ed, go spread the Halloween cheer with another neighbor!”) Last year I made my own Boo-ing printable, so I could start it around our community, we get to start it Saturday!

Check out last year’s post and grab the printable.

This year, I outlined a few containers you could make to put treats in for you neighbors on Arizona Mama. Go check out 3 Easy Boo-ing Ideas!

Halloween Garland

This garland was a compilation of other cute crafts I had seen online. The tools you need are:
Toilet Paper Tubes
Scrap Halloween Fabric, cut into 3/4 inch thick strips, by 3-5 inches long
Acrylic Paints

First you cut your toilet paper tubes in half. Then you paint them orange and add a black pumpkin face.

Next you will let them dry and start tying your fabric scraps onto the yarn. I made sure my strips of fabric were angled at the ends.

Tie strips for about 9 inches.

Punch Holes in your pumpkin, and thread the yarn through.

Keep tying strips for another 9 inches and add the next pumpkin. Do this until you run out of scraps.

Trim the edges of the yarn and hang for Halloween! Happy Haunting!

Stolen Goods: Super Quick Tutorials

I don’t need much direction when it comes to reading other people’s tutorials. Usually. I see a picture or something in the store and try to copy it when I get home. So here are some pictures from the last few things I have done.

My (Super Quick) Pumpkin Jar Tutorial:
1. Mix food coloring with mod podge
2. Paint on jars
3. Cut out paper faces and mod podge
4. Let dry and add ribbon
5. Put candle inside and light 🙂

(Yes my craft room is constantly messy, fooled you right?!?)

My (Super Quick) Pennant tutorial:
1. Cut and Zig-Zag stitch Traingles
2. Sew to ribbon

Stuffed Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Last Year and years before I learned to make these cute pumpkins with a roll of toilet paper. Last year I also ran out of toilet paper in my house multiple times, and took apart the pumpkins to use the toilet paper.

This year I decided I didn’t want to waste a whole roll of toilet paper, so I used just the tubes and crinkled toilet paper. I tried newspaper but I didn’t like the way it looked.

First, you lay your square of fabric down. (Mine were t-shirts sleeves so I bunched them up and secured them with a rubber band.) Then you put your toilet paper tube in the center (I wanted small ones so I cut my toilet paper tube in half)

Next start crinkling your toilet paper, kind of fold it over and over. Place in around your tp tube and fold the cloth over it and stuff the cloth in the toilet paper tube.

When finished stuffing the pumpkin hot glue the fabric to the toilet paper tube.

Next, find something to use as a stem. I used a cardboard roll from aluminum foil. I painted it a darker brown and added leaves. All of these were also hot glued in.

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