Toy Story Party

My son’s 2nd birthday party was Toy Story themed. It was a small party with mostly adults but I think the birthday boy had alot of fun!

Invitations: Printed 4×6 Toy Story Invitations

Rosati’sPizza Planet Pizza

Cake (Decorated with Toy Story Figures)


Activities: Knock Over Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story on in the Background


Present Time

Decorations: Toy Story Backgrounds Banner

Pizza Planet Sign

Wanted Posters

Party Favors: Crayon Rolls with Toy Story Coloring Pages

No-Sew "Take Luck" Pennant

Like my Brian Regan reference? If you don’t get the joke, listen to it here. If it’s not a running joke in your area, there are a million different things you could put instead. The joy of crafting is the personalization!

I saw this cute printable banner for St. Patrick’s Day but I don’t have any ink in my printer and I’m trying to do with out as long as I can. That being said I also scored some St. Patrick’s Day material from a big find at a yard sale recently. For these small holidays I don’t usually keep my decorations so this is a quick easy project that could fall apart by next year.

Green Fabric of Some Sort
White or Contrast Fabric

1. Fold your fabric so that there are 8 layers.

2. Cut a banner-like triangle.

3. Use white fabric and cut out your letters.

4. Glue your letters to your triangles. I used tacky glue. If you use it, make sure you have something beneath it may bleed through just enough to make things a little sticky!

5. Cut slits in the top corners of each triangle. These holes will be used to string them together.

6. String them together, I had a preschooler help me with this, we just used yarn and she had fun pulling the yarn.

That’s it! Quick and easy is how I like my holiday crafts! But as I’m told, I only like to do holiday crafts for the holiday’s that I enjoy. And those are pretty much just the fall holidays. The springtime ones get on my nerves after the 40th themed post showing up in my reader! Haha I vent about that in my Valentine’s Day post!

4th of July Flags- Printable

Hello Again! Here’s some yummy chocolate chip pancakes and a free 4th of July printable. I made these to put on cornbread muffins tomorrow for our 4th of July chili cookout in our neighborhood.

Click here for the link to print these for yourself. Once you print them, just glue them together around a toothpick and you can make any food patriotic!

Here’s some of the projects that we did last year. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Stolen Goods: Super Quick Tutorials

I don’t need much direction when it comes to reading other people’s tutorials. Usually. I see a picture or something in the store and try to copy it when I get home. So here are some pictures from the last few things I have done.

My (Super Quick) Pumpkin Jar Tutorial:
1. Mix food coloring with mod podge
2. Paint on jars
3. Cut out paper faces and mod podge
4. Let dry and add ribbon
5. Put candle inside and light 🙂

(Yes my craft room is constantly messy, fooled you right?!?)

My (Super Quick) Pennant tutorial:
1. Cut and Zig-Zag stitch Traingles
2. Sew to ribbon