Homemade Lunchables

Homemade Lunchables

Sometimes when I go grocery shopping I have alot of ambition. Today was one of those days. I bought alot of stuff that needs to be cooked and prepared, and lately I haven’t had the energy to cook and prepare anything.

I did come home and get things ready for a few of my husband’s lunches. I put all of his snacks into bags, and tied them with bright pink ribbon for Valentine’s Day! Hopefully he doesn’t have to eat lunch in front of his co-workers any time soon!

I also quickly put together some homemade lunchables. I almost bought lunchables because I was craving them, and I was thinking they would be a good idea for my husband’s lunch but I also thought about how I would eat 3 or more of them.

These lunchables took almost no time at all to put together, and they are bigger portions than store bought lunchables. They are small still and really would only be a snack, but these plus the other snacks I put in his lunch is enough to tide him over until dinner time.

Thick Lunch Meat
Sliced Cheese
Plastic to wrap meat in
Ziplock Bags

Slice the lunch meat into cracker size portions. Wrap it in plastic wrap to keep the moisture from ruining the crackers.

Add the plastic wrapped lunch meat to the plastic bag along with a couple slices of cheese and half a sleeve of crackers.

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