Toddler Army Uniform Costume from Daddy's ACU's

I hate calling my baby a toddler- how did he get so big??

I’m not going to give a tutorial because I messed it up quite a bit, and didn’t have a very good way of doing it. (I was so frustrated it sat on the floor for almost a month!) The pants we’re super easy though, I made them just like pajama pants, and from the very bottom of the legs on daddy’s ACU’s.

So just enjoy the pictures of my cute little man- they make me cry- and just know that making this is do-able but finding a tutorial elsewhere would be a good idea!

I also want to try putting together a rucksack for him to use as a goody bag and maybe a tan t-shirt for under his jacket. (He was wearing a standard-issue blue’s Clues shirt for some of the pictures:)

Edited: I have gotten tons questions about making this outfit, it was something I made without a pattern (or taking enough pictures) but I did take some pictures of the outfit just laid out so that you can see it better so that maybe they can help more than I can! I do try to take the time to respond to any questions so feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will try to help!
ACU Top Open
ACU Bottoms

Play Mat Bag

I saw this picture on Pinterest a long time ago, but I didn’t have internet access when I went to go make one, so it turned out a bit differently. I had also seen this lego playmatat A Girl and a Glue Gun, so my idea came from that one too. There is a better way to do this, but I didn’t do it that way this time, and who knows if I will make another one any time soon, so after I tell you how I did it I will tell you how you should do it (because I’m bossy!).

Fabric for the “mom side”
Fabric for the “kid side”
5 Yards Bias Tape (Homemade or bought)
5 Yards Ribbon or Clothesline

My son’s little so I knew I would be the one carrying around his toys for him. Don’t worry, when he’s bigger he is doing all the work! But I wanted to make this bag cute-ish for me too. I seem to have an obsession with making myself bags, even if it is under the pretense of making it for my kid. So that’s why there’s mom side and kid side fabric.

I did as Kim did for her Lego Play Mat and used a string and pen to make a perfect circle. (I pinned the string down to the corner of the fabric.) I cut out one piece each of my “mom side” and “kid side” fabric, the same sized circle.

Then I made a ton of homemade bias tape. (Hi, I’m Monica, I don’t know if you know this but I’m cheap thrifty, and I am also too lazy to drive to the store) It took FOREVER mostly because someone wanted to be held the entire time and didn’t realize I was making *him* something. So anyway, I made about 15 feet worth of bias tape (the right way too, I usually cheat and don’t cut it on the bias) and pinned it around the edges.

I sewed on the bias tape, threaded the clothesline through it and then decided to add handles. So I made the handles with leftover bias tape and sewed them on.

I realized though using it (and through looking at the pinspiration closer) that it was hard to cinch it together and then to un-cinch it when the baby was ready to play. So I switched to ribbon and cut a few more holes in the bias tape so that the ribbon could be pulled out in a few more places. (Thanks for the idea, Kalli!)

Also, when using it at first I loosely tied the ribbon so that the bag wouldn’t undone, but I added cord stops. (And do you know how long it took me to google that word. I knew what they were but I had no idea what they were called until now!)

So when you make your own, here’s a better way to do it.

1. Cut your circles the way Kim shows us here.

2. Sew handles onto the “mom side”.

3. Make your bias tape. Or buy it. Sew four buttonholes into your bias tape.

4. Sew bias tape on.

5. String your ribbon or thin rope through the buttonholes, add cord stops and tie the ends.

I actually have to go buy two more cord stops before mine is completely finished but we used it for a few vacation days already with out them and I will be using it with just a couple for our next few outings. He never stays on the playmat for long but it is nice to have one small patch of the ground that is free from tiny things he can find. Thanks for suffering through reading about my mistakes have a great day!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stuffed Matching Toy

My mom made a caterpillar toy when I was little, and I can’t exactly recall what it looked like, other than there were different pastel fabrics on each side of each piece. I used her idea to create a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar‘ version. This will be a gift for Colton’s 1st birthday. It goes along with the theme of his party!

Variety of green fabric
Something round to use as a stencil
Stuffing or Fabric Scraps (I used fabric scraps)
Red, yellow, purple fabric scraps
Fusible Webbing and wax paper (optional)

First, cut out all of your circles. You will need two of each pattern, except for the pattern at the end, and for the red which will be the face. I had alot of different green patterns, in the future I will probably use less.

Next, cut your velcro into small pieces, unless you bought pre-cut ones. After this it will be time to plan what order your patterns will be in, and pin the corresponding velcro to the pattern. You can do this by lining them up, the ones at the each end will be the face and a single pattern (no match). In the middle, you can put two of each pattern, in whichever order you want. Then the velcro can be pinned on top. The velcro won’t go on the first and the last pieces and will alternate between the hook side and the loop side for each piece. Put them in a pile, in a way that you won’t forget the order.

Next, sew your velcro to the center of the circles. You can do all of them at one time, or two at a time. After at least two sides that will go together are finished, you will need to put the velcro together, and sew around most of the circle.

Your circle will need to be turned inside out and then stuffed. It then will need to be hand-stitched closed. This can be done for all of the pieces, except for the face, and the piece that will become the other side of it.

For the face, you will first need to make the antenna. Mine turned out a little crooked, mishapen and floppy but I love them all the same. I’m just saying that it’s optional to include them. To make them, you will need to cut out antenna shapes, with the seam allowance.

Place your two antenna sides together and sew them, leaving the bottom open. Do this for both antenna. To turn them inside out is a bit tricky, I found it easier to use tweezers, and to also stuff them with tweezers also. Make sure they are a bit over stuffed.

For the next part of the face, you will want to either stitch the eyes and mouth on, or use the fusible webbing and put them on as an iron-on (I’ve been a little obsessed by iron-ons lately). This will be done by first cutting the pieces for the face, and then placing them on the fusible webbing with wax paper on top. Any extra webbing can be trimmed off, and then they are ready to be ironed onto the red circle.

Once your face is ironed on, you can pin your antenna in the center of your two circles. The open bottoms of the antenna will be sicking out, to the outside of the circle. You can sew your circle, like you did with the rest of them, leaving a portion of the bottom open so that you can turn it inside out and stuff it.

When everything is whip-stitched closed, you’re finished. My son got a sneak-peak at his present when I was trying to take pictures of it and loved it! He was actually pretty mad when I put it away with the rest of the presents I have to wrap. The great thing about this toy is that right now, my son just likes it because it’s a stuffed animal. Later he will learn how velcro works, and after that he can learn to match the patterns together. It’s great fun, and great for learning.

Boy's Shoes Decorated with Tractors

My little one is getting very mobile, and will hopefully be walking soon. I am trying to get him used to the idea of shoes for when he has to wear them out. We found these cute ones at the store for only five bucks. I loved that they were plain and could be personalized.

Canvas-Type Shoe
Materials for DIY Iron-On(Fusible Webbing, Fabric, Fabric Marker)

1. First you need to make your DIY Iron-On. This one was drawn on with fabric markers and then cut out around the drawing.

2. Next, stuff your shoes with some. Crinkled newspaper or rolled up socks both work great.

3. Place your iron-on where you want it, and iron it on. The iron will have to set on the same place for at least ten seconds.

That’s all it takes to add a statement to little man’s shoes. Thanks for checking it out! If you enjoyed this project, feel free to subscribe to see all of my future posts.

My First Quilt- a T-Shirt Quilt

I finally finished my first quilt! I used my husband’s t-shirts to make a quilt for my little boy to have while he’s gone. It made it easier for my husband to go through and get rid of some of his old t-shirts.

Each of the squares are 15×15. For a baby it’s huge, but he will grow into it. I used sheer fusible backing for the t-shirts and there is no batting because it’s hot here and I want the baby to be able to use it all the time. With the fusible backing on the t-shirts and the actual backing it is still plenty thick. I used painter’s tape to make my sideways lines while quilting it, and each line is A Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book apart. (You know you love my measuring methods!) I used a nice gray for the quilting after finding out that micro-filament is difficult to use.

Baby Shower Gift- Cloth High Chair

Three of my Aunts just had babies and I will be able to go and visit them soon! I wanted to give them something but they have all had other kids and other girls so I’m sure they have everything, with the exception of more diapers! If I have time to get to the store they will get some of those, but in the mean time I made a cloth high chair for each of them. You can find the cloth high chair that I got the idea from here.

I made some cloth high chairs for my baby’s grandmas at Christmas time, and we all have decided that a plastic space saver high chair would be a better option to keep at their houses, especially as the baby began to self-feed. You can see my original plans here and my first cloth high chair here. My mom was able to replace her cloth chair with a real one, so I have been able to use the other one quite a bit when we go places. If you need a tray it works well with a pillow or phone book under the cloth high chair, and then push them up to the table (Although I would definitely never leave their side when they are like that!). You will enjoy the fact that you can eat next to them in peace!

I had to take pictures of an actual baby in the high chair because I never did that the first time! He was very wiggly and was trying to get out, but wasn’t able to. It just goes to show that it does work, and most the time he isn’t trying to get out because he’s happy to be eating!

Sleeveless Onsie from Adult T-Shirt

I found this cute idea for a shortall on Pinterest. It’s by Heather of Feather’s Flights and she made a great tutorial and pattern. Check her’s out here. I had some ideas of how I wanted to change it, so here’s what I did.

I didn’t use her pattern, although I’m sure it would be easier (I haven’t had ink in my printer for quite awhile now, it would have been easier but at least it makes me think creatively!). I used one the baby already had and traced it onto tissue paper. I made sure to add quite a bit of space on each side, because I wanted him to have room to grow and for my seam allowance. I also was planning on making a tank top, so there was extra space on the sides of the neck.

The onsie I was copying didn’t have the extra piece that Heather had on hers, it was just the front and the back pieces, the same shape. After cutting out the pattern I pinned it to the front of the t-shirt and cut it out of the shirt.

Next I cut the neckline and just cut a little bit off of each side and then pin it back together and sew it.

The sides also need to be sewn, put the two pieces with outsides facing in together, then pin and sew the sides, starting under the arm hole.

The next thing is to hem the legs and arm holes. I did just a single fold under and stitched it.

Next it is time to figure out the snaps. I used snap tape and sewed it on by first pinning one side to the bottom, but with both outsides facing in. I stitched one side and then turned it over so insides were both inside and stitched it closed. For the bottom snaps I pinned them outsides facing in and just stitched it once. Now when they snap the tape isn’t very visible.

Baby Playmat

This is going to be an unusual post. I am just going to tell you not to do this project, and I will tell you what was so terrible about it, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did. Hopefully it will give you ideas to do something like this but a billion times easier!

I found a playmat at a yardsale and got it for fifty cents. I didn’t realize until I got it home that the bottom was torn up pretty badly and was not worth fixing. Being the crafty gal I am, I decided to make a new bottom for it.

I knew I wanted the bottom nice and cushy like a blanket, but I noticed that even crib sized batting was expensive so I decided a puff pillow would be neat and I had a pillow of fluff that could fill it for a tiny bit of the price.

This was at the time my sewing machine was broken, so most of the squares were hand sewn together and then whip stitched closed. I did get to use the machine for some of the squares, but when the squares are finished they all have to be whip stitched together. And that was the nightmare. I started this when I was pregnant, and did alot of the work when I was on bedrest, but it still wasn’t finished until the baby was almost too big for it! It was very time consuming and very frustrating. Not to mention that I dreaded doing it, so a week at a time it would just sit until I would pick it up again the next week.

I also recovered the poles that went over the top. Those were fun and easy to sew, I just copied the originals. By this time my sewing machine was working, I wouldn’t do these by hand, they get pulled on and eaten too much!

If I were to do it again I would do a few things differently. 1. Buy one already made, new at a store. 2. Find a Joann’s coupon and just buy the batting. 3. Make it with an existing quilt. 4. Sew thick straps to go corner to corner and put blankets I already had over the straps.

Number four is my favorite idea, I wish I had done that! Well now you see a cute project that took FOR-EV-ER and know what not to do. Thanks for reading!

Car Seat Strap Covers

My little guy had red marks on his neck from the car seat so I had to hurry up and make some covers for the straps! I used scraps I had and some velcro so they really didn’t cost much.

Thick Fabric (mine reminded me of a Santa suit)
Cuter Fabric

Our straps are 1 1/2 inches thick, so all of the measurements are for that size. Also, don’t forget that you are doing everything listed here twice, because you need to make a set of two.

1. Cut your thicker scraps 5 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. I just used one for each side but if you want to have more padding you can add another layer or two.

2. Cut your decorative fabric, 7 inches by 7 inches.

3. Center your thick fabric in the middle of your cute fabric. Fold the edges of the decorative fabric over twice and iron it in place. Sew the edges down.

4. Cut your velcro strips to 5 inches and sew them on.

You’re finished! Now you can velcro them onto the car seat straps and have better car rides! Thanks for reading!

Car Seat Cover

I have a newborn, and he doesn’t leave my side yet. I still have to eat though, so he has been grocery shopping with me. We got the worst looks from random strangers. I guess they think I should starve and not buy diapers because I just had a baby.

Anyway, that and seeing my friend’s car seat cover (I have seen them called tents) made me want to make one of my own. We bought the fabric to match the green of the car seat and to have simple shapes for him to look at. I bought two yards, and there was plenty extra that I will be using for something cute later.

My friends had plenty of fabric over the back of the car seat where it already has the shade thingy, and I decided I didn’t need to cover the seat anymore than I had to because I actually like the looks of it.

I measured the size I wanted by comparing with a blanket I placed over the car seat. I only wanted it a couple inches shorter and for it not to have square corners at the bottom. The triangles I cut off the bottom edges were used to decorate a burp cloth.

This is the finished project, (I forgot to take pictures while I was making it!) but it is pretty much the same shape that I cut, adding an extra inch and minus the straps. The top is just folded, and I cut the other edges to how I wanted.

After cutting the fabric, I ironed the edges under and pinned them together. I did it around the entire piece and then started sewing around the entire thing.

Next I made the straps. I pinned a scrap onto the now finished main piece and used the scrap to measure out the straps. I left a pin to where I had the scrap, so I would know where to sew on the straps. I cut out four pieces the same size as the scrap.

I took two of them and ironed the edges under and sewed around the edges. I then sewed the button hole on one side. I did the same to the other two pieces to make the other strap.

I pinned the straps on and sewed them on. Then, over where I sewed the strap on I hand sewed the button on.

It works great, except now people at the grocery store ask if they can look at the baby, so I’m lifting it up all the time because I can’t resist showing off my cute kid!