Journal Writing and Journal Entry Ideas

I have been trying to be happier. It takes work, but everyone needs to be happier. The happier I am, the happier everyone around me is. Or maybe that’s just because I’m the Mom. Writing in a journal helps me stay positive sometimes and helps me look back at how I was positive before and it reminds me that I can stay positive again.

I have a few rules for myself when journaling. The first rule for myself is to keep everything positive. There is enough negativity as it is, and I don’t need to hold onto it for the future. Sometimes I need to rant about negativity and doing it on paper helps. I just make sure to do it in a cheap notebook and throw it out immediately after it is written.

Another rule I try to follow is to date my entries. It makes it so much better for if you ever want to look back at them.

I also keep most journal entries very short. I usually don’t have time for much and I won’t write at all if it takes too long so a short list or small quip about something is usually perfect. The one main exception to that is when I wrote down my son’s birth story. I realized I was already forgetting some of the small details a few weeks after he was born so as I nursed I wrote every detail I could remember. It was pages and pages and it took me days but it is worth it to me and it might be to him later on.

One last thing I try not to do while writing in my journal is to back track. Unless it is a big event (like my son’s birth) I won’t let myself feel guilty that I haven’t written in a few days, months, years, etc. And I won’t try to remember what happened for yesterday or for the last three years that I didn’t write a thing. I just put down today’s date and move on.

Here are a few ideas to get you started writing in your journal:

Things Accomplished Today List

Top 5 Good Things About the Day

My Favorite Things (in my house, kitchen, from my vacation, foods, clothes, anything)

Reasons I am Happy with My Life (or My Children, or My House, or my Neighborhood or anything else you can think of)

Reasons I Love My Spouse (or Child, Friend, Co-worker, Pet, whoever!) {See My  Reasons I Love My Husband Post Here} {And My Reasons to Love My Dog Here}

Reasons I Love Myself (what personality traits or quirks do you love about yourself?)

Reasons I’m Happy to Be Home (or on vacation, or any change you are experiencing. Think of why you are happy to be there. Another I have done is Reasons I’m Happy to  Not Be Pregnant)

My Bucket List (Keep a few blank pages after it and you can add to it at any time) {See Mine Here}

A Quick Story From My Day (Or week, month, vacation, etc!)

I’m Feeling: (positive emotions! and why)

What I Did For Exercise This Week

Child Updates (Check out this post at I Can Grow People for a great layout of it!)

Memories of a Lost Loved One (See my latest post here for more ideas)

I recently made some beautiful printable bookmarks with a shortened version of this list- to make it easier to remember and have these tips in your journal or near it whenever you need them. The bookmarks can be downloaded for free, please click here to view them and then scroll to the bottom to download them. Thank you!

Other Ways to Work on Happiness:
Resolve for No New Year’s Resolutions
How to Stop Shopping
Happy Wive’s Club: 21 Days to a Happier You
This vs That
My New Workout Plan

My New Workout Plan

I’m on the countdown for when my husband might supposedly return home. Unfortunately I have cookie gut from sitting on the couch and eating cookies the whole time he was done. My facebook will seem otherwise, because I am just that good. Also, I don’t want to change my lifestyle too much because I’m lazy, and because I like cookies.

When I see my cookie gut, I feel bad. When I eat a cookie I feel a little bit better. When I realize I just ate an entire box of girl scout cookies I feel bad again.

My new workout plan is to do 5-10 squats everytime I feel bad about myself or when I eat something I feel bad about. It makes me feel better for the moment, so maybe, just maybe it will pay off later too. Right now I feel bad about myself because I’m out of shape and almost died on a short bike ride today. Ten squats are calling my name… when I get up. I’m sore!! Also, I want to eat the last samoa, but I might not because I don’t want to do more squats. See this plan is helping already!

Fun Things and Memories to Come!

Have you checked out the My Memories Giveaway yet? It’s ending Monday, so go leave a comment!

I wrote a Bucket List a couple months ago while sitting in a chair on bed rest. I left a few extra pages open to add to it later. I found this website that helped give me ideas. Now, the most important thing on my bucket list is to go an entire day (ok maybe just a few hours) without needing to change my clothes and shower because of spit up, throw up or pee.

Monica’s Bucket List:

Visit Hawaii

Go on a Cruise

Try White Water Rafting

Go Horseback Riding

Become Debt Free

Own a Successful Business

Go Sky Diving

Try Base Jumping

Climb to the top of the Superstition Mountains

Write a Fiction Novel

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Do Humanitarian Work in a Foreign Country

Learn an Instrument

Learn to Dance

Live in/ Build a Dream Home

Go on a Spa Getaway

See a Volcano

Live in San Fransisco for a few months

Try Mountain Biking in Sedona

Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Climb a Pyramid(the real one in Egypt!)

Go on Every Ride at Disneyland

Build a Tree House

Get a Meaningful Tattoo

Plant and Care for something that can be harvested

Go on the tour at the Queen Creek Olive Mill

Go Salt River Tubing

Rappel Backwards

Re-Create our Trip to Boston

Have One More Child

Go Camping on the Beach

Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Donate Blood (I am so terrified!)

Have a Dog for their Entire Lifetime

Learn to be Okay When Things Don’t Go My Way

Go Back to the Natural Bridge State Park in Payson, Arizona

This is my entry in the Just Ask Bucket List Getaway Giveaway. Just Ask offers a breast and ovarian cancer screening and is encouraging people to share 15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health. Want to enter? Head over to to get the details.