{Deployment Packages} Christmas Decor Edition

At my house we don’t pull out any Christmas Decorations or anything until after Thanksgiving. I didn’t think about getting this package out until recently but I really should have had it out a few weeks ago.

I did this same thing for Halloween, I found cheap and flat decorations so that my husband could have fun decorating his room. When I was buying them I knew I could make the same or better.

This time, I was able to find a couple things I could put together easily with the paper I had. I made the paper christmas lights and cut some paper for a paper chain that he can put together there.

The rest of the decoration items are from the dollar section of the store, and I included some candy, cocoa, chapstick, other of his regular goodies. (See Also: Deployment Packaging Station)

Mail Time: Postcards for Daddy

With a deployed husband we try to send him things pretty often, whether they are e-mails, letters or packages. I think he enjoys what we send him. It’s hard to figure out what he really feels with this distance.

One thing I have had fun doing is letter our toddler get involved with sending stuff to Daddy. The toddler can help pick out postcards from the rack, or help chew on the postcards or bend them. I know he doesn’t really understand but I let him color in crayon or highlighter on whatever I send and I write in pen. That way you can see both of our messages on the same postcard. It works well, usually. One thing I have learned was that if you use a gel pen, don’t let the toddler kiss the postcard because it may smear the mailing address.

Other Toddler Activities:
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Toy Laptop
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Deployment Packaging Station

My husbands office can be pretty messy when he’s home. It doesn’t change much in that sense but it is a different mess. A few months ago I cleaned up the office to use it for a party, and since then I have taken it over for my sewing and for a packaging station.

I am a thrifty shopaholic. Meaning, I shop but only buy sale items or things that are cheaper in bulk. So we have a table of stuff for packages to send to my husband. I try to keep everything I need there and everything that I want to send to him, weather its for the next package or for one after Christmas. We still have at least 6 months to go, so I know all of this stuff will be used.

How many packages a month do you send to your deployed soldier?