Pregnancy Announcements for Facebook

With our first pregnancy I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, so as soon as we got the news we wanted to post it to facebook, so that we could avoid calling everyone individually to tell them (and having hurt feelings because we called one person before another and so on). We called the new grandparents and then took this picture and posted it with the clues to facebook.

It was a cute way to announce it until I got a few people telling me I really did look pregnant. I was 5 weeks along and shouldn’t have looked any more pregnant than before! So we decided to find another way to tell everyone for the second pregnancy.

I searched all of my pins and decided to do something a little bit more unique. With a second child our Jeep will be full, so we went out to our closest wash (aka dry creek) and took this picture. Click on the picture to see it bigger!

The idea was a little more confusing but still super cute! Once I explained it in the comments everyone got it. At least no one’s calling me fat this time!

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Car Seat Strap Covers

My little guy had red marks on his neck from the car seat so I had to hurry up and make some covers for the straps! I used scraps I had and some velcro so they really didn’t cost much.

Thick Fabric (mine reminded me of a Santa suit)
Cuter Fabric

Our straps are 1 1/2 inches thick, so all of the measurements are for that size. Also, don’t forget that you are doing everything listed here twice, because you need to make a set of two.

1. Cut your thicker scraps 5 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches. I just used one for each side but if you want to have more padding you can add another layer or two.

2. Cut your decorative fabric, 7 inches by 7 inches.

3. Center your thick fabric in the middle of your cute fabric. Fold the edges of the decorative fabric over twice and iron it in place. Sew the edges down.

4. Cut your velcro strips to 5 inches and sew them on.

You’re finished! Now you can velcro them onto the car seat straps and have better car rides! Thanks for reading!

Car Seat Cover

I have a newborn, and he doesn’t leave my side yet. I still have to eat though, so he has been grocery shopping with me. We got the worst looks from random strangers. I guess they think I should starve and not buy diapers because I just had a baby.

Anyway, that and seeing my friend’s car seat cover (I have seen them called tents) made me want to make one of my own. We bought the fabric to match the green of the car seat and to have simple shapes for him to look at. I bought two yards, and there was plenty extra that I will be using for something cute later.

My friends had plenty of fabric over the back of the car seat where it already has the shade thingy, and I decided I didn’t need to cover the seat anymore than I had to because I actually like the looks of it.

I measured the size I wanted by comparing with a blanket I placed over the car seat. I only wanted it a couple inches shorter and for it not to have square corners at the bottom. The triangles I cut off the bottom edges were used to decorate a burp cloth.

This is the finished project, (I forgot to take pictures while I was making it!) but it is pretty much the same shape that I cut, adding an extra inch and minus the straps. The top is just folded, and I cut the other edges to how I wanted.

After cutting the fabric, I ironed the edges under and pinned them together. I did it around the entire piece and then started sewing around the entire thing.

Next I made the straps. I pinned a scrap onto the now finished main piece and used the scrap to measure out the straps. I left a pin to where I had the scrap, so I would know where to sew on the straps. I cut out four pieces the same size as the scrap.

I took two of them and ironed the edges under and sewed around the edges. I then sewed the button hole on one side. I did the same to the other two pieces to make the other strap.

I pinned the straps on and sewed them on. Then, over where I sewed the strap on I hand sewed the button on.

It works great, except now people at the grocery store ask if they can look at the baby, so I’m lifting it up all the time because I can’t resist showing off my cute kid!