Bathroom Organization

I have been on a kick of cleaning my bathroom. It started with covering the hole in the door, and now I’m organizing everything in the drawers and cabinets.

Today I decorated an empty waffle box so I can put all of our first aid/medical supplies in it. It was just spray painted and covered with cute duct tape, but it works well. It’s pretty cute for something that hides in the cupboard.

Yesterday I made a tray to store my nail polish. The tutorial for the tray is over at Arizona Mama. I made it almost for free, but luckily I had the cute duct tape on hand. Click here to see the tutorial.

Bathroom Door Decor

So let’s say that someone who was once in our house had an anger problem… and this happened:

But I wanted to take awesome pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror and couldn’t have that in the background.

So I put up a piece of scrapbook paper and called it cute! I love it. I might mod podge it on so that it will stay for good, but we will see what the hubby thinks when he gets home!

Here’s my facebook post without the ugly hole in the door!

Save the Kitchen Towel! with Kitchen Towel Band

Everyone has a kitchen towel hanging on their oven door, right? There are lots of different ideas for how to get it to stay. Until lately, I would hang mine on and it would fall off. Or the baby would pull it off and it would be on the other side of the house by the time I needed it. I have seen lots of cute alterations I can do to my dish towels to fix the problem, but I like having a regular full size dish towel in reach for when I need it for something else. So in came the hair tie trick.

I just put an elastic band around the dish towel to keep it in place and it worked wonders. The baby hasn’t figured it out and just thinks it’s stuck. I decided it was a great idea and to share a cuter version with all of you. Don’t you hate when you think you’ve come up with something original and then after some research you see it somewhere else? (I totally did that with the nursing cover strap, they were called something else and everyone has thought of them already but they were on etsy under a different name. I didn’t find out until after I made a fool of myself! 🙂 That’s what happened to me today. I found some cute Dish Towel Belts over at Sassy Sanctuary. Lucky for me, she did them a little differently than I would so I am still going to show you my kitchen towel bands!

Rubber Band (I still used a hair tie)
Big Silk or Fabric Flower (Three small ones would look cute too)
Scrap of felt
Hot glue

Hot glue the bottom of the flower to the rubber band. Glue on leaves as well but on the other side of the rubber band. Glue on the felt or fabric scrap to the back, just to hold everything in place a little bit better. Turn the flower over and add the smaller sections of petals by hot gluing them on. Finally, glue the button on top.

You might have noticed that this is the same idea as making a hair flower. It is, but it’s cooler because it’s for a towel now. Like the cheesy ad I made for it? We could make an infomercial and say, “But wait! if you call right now we’ll throw in two more free!” Because everyone needs 6 of these for all 6 ovens right?!

I thought it was cool, and it sure is useful. How would you embellish it differently?

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Fabric Shower Hanger

My little sister is going off to college, so I made her this fabric shower hanger. She can take it from her dorm room to the showers, and all of her soap and stuff is ready to go! It’s another one of those “ugly projects” because the mesh is ugly, but it will dry easily.

28″ Pet Screening (I found it near the mesh, if you can’t find it, more mesh should work just fine)
32″ Mesh
Decent Hanger (Something that will take a little weight)

1. Fold the edges over once on each side of the screen, and zig zag stich them.

2. Fold screen at the 28 inch mark and pin. The two outsides should be facing each other. Use the hanger to draw a line of where it will be. The hook of the hanger will go through a small slit cut at the top. After the line is drawn, it can be sewn, and the slit can be cut and the excess can be trimmed. Yours may look different than mine, depending on the shape of your hanger.

3. Next the mesh can be cut. Please see the picture below for the dimensions. The selvage is used as the top edge of all of your pockets so that you have less to sew. After the pieces are cut, fold the other edges over twice and iron them down.

4. The pockets are pleated. Describing how to do the pleats is a bit tricky, so take a good look at the pictures. In the main design picture below I have measurements of how wide the pockets are at the bottom. Click on it to see it better. This is the space you will need to fit extra fabric in by pleating it, the measurements above is the length of the fabric that is folded into the space at the bottom. Keep reading it will make more sense!

Pin the right edge down first, there’s nothing tricky about that. Measure 6 1/2 inches of your fabric (mark it if you want to). Measure 3 1/2 inches on the screen material and pin the 6 1/2 inch mark of fabric to the 3 1/2 mark on the screen. Now take the fabric between the 3 1/2 inch mark and fold it, so that the bottom is a straight line and pin it. Also place a pin at the top of the pocket, where the 6 1/2 inch mark and the 3 1/2 inch mark meet. (The pink fabric one is my original sample)

Do the same for the other two pockets on that row, but using their measurements. After they are all pinned, they can be sewn. Sew around the three main edges, then go back and sew the dividing lines (where the top pins are). Make sure you don’t catch any of the other mesh in the dividing lines (it’s really frustrating when you do!)

5. The toothbrush and razor pockets are easy, they aren’t pleated. Just sew around the edges, and then divide the pocket in half with the sewn dividing line.

6. Plan out the bottom pockets the same way, by marking and pinning them and then sew them.

7. Put the hanger in, and then sew the back flap around the outside bottom of the hanger, to keep it in there really well.

You can now fill the shower organizer with all of your stuff and hang it up. I did, and it worked great. The main thing was I wanted to be sure that it held regular size bottles, because not all of them do. Thanks for following along even though it was a little confusing! Leave a comment if you can explain it better or if you still need help.

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Painted Wall Quote

Who needs vinyl when you have a 50 cent jar of paint? Ok, vinyl is much cooler but this is what I painted on my wall, just using acrylic paint.

I found a font that I liked online, practiced drawing it on a sheet of paper, and hung the paper on the wall above where I wanted it. The first side came out great, but the other side must be a glossy finish because the white paint kept dripping. It was frustrating, but it turned out good.

The curtain shown is the only finished side I’ve done but I’m almost done and then I will be posting my ruffled curtains tutorial.

Also, I have been singing The Beatles all day. I have a feeling that will happen more often since I will be seeing it everyday!

Hair Bow Holder

The frame came from a yard sale. I think I paid 50 cents. I had the ribbon and fabric and paint on hand, so it was a really cheap project. And I will be using it to sell the hair bows at a craft fair next month so it will be useful to me to display them and to the luck person to end up with this holder.

Sand and paint the frame. I chose the color because it matched the princess crowns on the fabric. (Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot to take any until after I finished!)

Use the cardboard backing to measure your batting. I still have not bought batting, so I used 2-3 layers of fleece from another project. Cut out the batting to be the same size as the cardboard.

Use the cardboard to measure your fabric. Give it an extra 2-3 inches around the edges to make sure you have enough to glue to the back.

Layer your fabric first, then the batting and then the cardboard. Stretch the fabric tight and glue to the cardboard with hot glue.

Finish gluing all around. Measure your ribbon to be 4-5 inches longer than the cardboard. I like a lot of extra to make sure they are glued on tight.

Glue one side of the ribbon, make sure there is about 2-3 inches worth glued down. Pull very tight to the opposite side and glue down.

Do the same with the other ribbon and your done!

This is very close to the Ribbon Memo Board I did a few months ago, but I don’t want to use staples to poke little fingers, since I was only gluing to the cardboard, not the wood.

Getting Dirty with Mod Podge- Glass and Yarn Art

I wanted to play with my new bottle of mod podge, so here’s what I made.

Cut out all of your pieces of yarn first.

Paint a layer of mod podge around the entire glass. Then dip them in modpodge ( I put mine on a paper plate to the side, you don’t want random yarn fibers hanging out in the mod podge canister later) and stick them on your glass. The mod podge makes a nice clear texture So you want it to be textured all over.

That’s it! Now I have some funky labeled jars in my bathroom instead of just plain ones. Have fun crafting!

WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE -Poster Frame Mirror

We saw this idea at a trading post near the Grand Canyon and it was a super cute idea. I may be a little biased but I think mine looks much better, it’s a little less trading-posty/cheesy. I made it for our cowboy themed spare bedroom, but since then it has turned into a nursery.

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Cardstock (or stencils)
Tacky Glue
Hot Glue
Leather Cord
Frame Back

1. If the plywood isn’t cut to the size you want, have it cut at the store or cut it at home. I had my husband do it, he’s the best!

2. Use a few browns to paint it like wood. I had a few helpers and we all just swiped brown up and down in random places until it was covered.

3. Make stencils for the words using cardstock or thin cardboard (think: cereal box). Make sure that you don’t cut out the negative spaces. If you don’t want to make stencils, they can be found in home improvement stores and craft stores.

4. Using a sponge brush or a stenciling brush and dab paint onto the stencils. For more on stenciling check out this post here on how I stenciled charger plates.

5. After all the paint is dry, glue your mirror onto the plywood using tacky glue or some sort of super glue.

6. Using hot glue, put the leather cord around the edges of the mirror.

7. Finally, add a frame back and hang on the wall.

That’s all folks! I loved mine, but we decided against having a cowboy room in the house once we did the nursery so my sign was sold for way too little at a yard sale. Hopefully it is well loved and that the one you make will be well loved too!