Styrofoam Pin Cushion

While I was sitting on the floor making my Hot Glued Flower I reached over to grab something and knelt on my plastic box of pins and it shattered. Within my reach was a chunk of Styrofoam, a scrap of fabric, my ribbons and my still-warm hot glue gun. So here was my spur of the moment pin cushion.

I wrapped the styrofoam with the fabric (like a present!) and hot glued the edges. I used the ribbon to hide the rough edges. The longest part was putting the pins in. I didn’t think I had that many!

Chair Redone

The wood on this chair looks great. It matches the table that is in my craft room. And the new garage sale find, an Ikea desk that is REALLY sturdy! Well, only compared to my table that I can never seem to tighten enough. I unscrewed the seat from the bottom and used a flat head screwdriver to pry the staples out of it and take off the fabric.

I used an old table cloth for fabric to cover the seat of my chair. It was important to check both sides of the used fabric to make sure there weren’t any stains in the piece that I wanted to use. I cut out the fabric a few inches wider than my seat and cut out the corners so there would be less fabric to get in the way.

Next, I folded the fabric over before I stapled it, to keep the edges from fraying. Once I finished stapling then I screwed the seat back onto the chair and it was done. Doesn’t look as awesome as it could be with different fabric, but with using what I had it looks great!

My husband wonders why he spent money on my “bling” if its always turned around so no one can see the stones, but I do have them and I love them!

Love Wall Hanging

I created this wall hanging for our apartment to make it look a little more homey. The frame itself was a bit hideous in the beginning, but I had found it at Goodwill for a decent price.

First, I mod poodged scrapbook paper to the frame.

Next I painted the extra cardboard in the frame black.

The gray and flowers paper you see is just plain white cardstock that I laid out and painted by hand. In the swirls are me and my husband’s names. After painting all the flowers, leaves and swirls I used a silver paint and a stiff bristly brush to lightly texture over everything. These papers were then glued to the cardboard backing.

Next the ribbon was glued to the backing, and the bow tied afterwards.

I made my own stencils from cardstock so that they would last longer than one use. I still have them in a folder. I stenciled “Love” onto the same scrapbook paper used for the frame, and backed them with brown paper. These were then glued on.

The cardboard was then put into the frame, carefully so that the bow would look good and not crushed funny. It was the only thing that hung on the wall in our first apartment, and still hangs on the wall in our home.