Mail Time: Postcards for Daddy

With a deployed husband we try to send him things pretty often, whether they are e-mails, letters or packages. I think he enjoys what we send him. It’s hard to figure out what he really feels with this distance.

One thing I have had fun doing is letter our toddler get involved with sending stuff to Daddy. The toddler can help pick out postcards from the rack, or help chew on the postcards or bend them. I know he doesn’t really understand but I let him color in crayon or highlighter on whatever I send and I write in pen. That way you can see both of our messages on the same postcard. It works well, usually. One thing I have learned was that if you use a gel pen, don’t let the toddler kiss the postcard because it may smear the mailing address.

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Heartbeat of Disney T-Shirt

I recently went on a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland. (They have a great Military Promotion going on! It says to buy it on base, but they sold the tickets to me for the promotional price at the gate.) The night before we went my cousin and I decided to make our own Disney shirts.

My shirt was based on the heartbeat of disney wallpaper at Design Disney Raoul. I think the wallpaper is amazing so I attempted to copy it on my t-shirt. I didn’t have a embroidery hoop or stencil chalk on hand- so that’s my excuse for the crooked-ness and mistakes!

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Trench Coat- Before

If you are like me and in Arizona, you may ask “Why the heck are you wearing a trench coat?!?” and I would tell you that I am wishful thinking, and hoping for cold weather soon. Here we don’t cool down until October. But today It was cool and rainy. It was all the way down to 74 degrees at one point. We haven’t seen that since April- and that was at 3am. So maybe we will get lucky and it will be cool soon, and if it does I’ll be ready.

I found a really nice jacket at Goodwill for $15 and I shouldn’t have bought it because I didn’t really like it. But there was a lady there watching me try it on (because there was a line for the dressing rooms and my son was screaming so I tried on everything over my clothes in front of everyone so I could just leave) and she told me it looked nice on me. I thanked her for the compliment and felt I had to buy, until I got home and remembered it wasn’t what I wanted. It was still really nice, so I decided to make a few alterations to it so that hopefully it will be my one go-to coat and I can get rid of all the rest. (I buy a new coat every year but none of them are exactly what I want because I can’t see paying over $30 for any of them).

So here’s my coat. I love the hood, but I hate that the jacket isn’t very form fitting (I love the ones that are shaped like a dress) and I also hate that the buttons are hidden. I am in love with big buttons on jackets and shirts. I might have bought an ill-fitting skirt once because I loved the buttons. The last thing is that the arms are a little too wide, and will seem even wider once the coat is pulled in so those need to be taken in as well. Well, I’m off to the craft store so I can beautify this jacket!

Here are some of the trench coats on pinterest that inspire me:
Trench Coat with Back Bow
Dress Coat
Corset Backed Trench Coat

Which of these do you think I will style my new jacket after?

I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a new altered coat!

UPPDATE: The “new” coat can be seen here, and it turned out awesome!

Save the Kitchen Towel! with Kitchen Towel Band

Everyone has a kitchen towel hanging on their oven door, right? There are lots of different ideas for how to get it to stay. Until lately, I would hang mine on and it would fall off. Or the baby would pull it off and it would be on the other side of the house by the time I needed it. I have seen lots of cute alterations I can do to my dish towels to fix the problem, but I like having a regular full size dish towel in reach for when I need it for something else. So in came the hair tie trick.

I just put an elastic band around the dish towel to keep it in place and it worked wonders. The baby hasn’t figured it out and just thinks it’s stuck. I decided it was a great idea and to share a cuter version with all of you. Don’t you hate when you think you’ve come up with something original and then after some research you see it somewhere else? (I totally did that with the nursing cover strap, they were called something else and everyone has thought of them already but they were on etsy under a different name. I didn’t find out until after I made a fool of myself! 🙂 That’s what happened to me today. I found some cute Dish Towel Belts over at Sassy Sanctuary. Lucky for me, she did them a little differently than I would so I am still going to show you my kitchen towel bands!

Rubber Band (I still used a hair tie)
Big Silk or Fabric Flower (Three small ones would look cute too)
Scrap of felt
Hot glue

Hot glue the bottom of the flower to the rubber band. Glue on leaves as well but on the other side of the rubber band. Glue on the felt or fabric scrap to the back, just to hold everything in place a little bit better. Turn the flower over and add the smaller sections of petals by hot gluing them on. Finally, glue the button on top.

You might have noticed that this is the same idea as making a hair flower. It is, but it’s cooler because it’s for a towel now. Like the cheesy ad I made for it? We could make an infomercial and say, “But wait! if you call right now we’ll throw in two more free!” Because everyone needs 6 of these for all 6 ovens right?!

I thought it was cool, and it sure is useful. How would you embellish it differently?

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Toy Laptop

My son always wants to play with my laptop- and if he gets to it before I do he inevitably does something that I never knew how to do. Did you know sticky notes change color?

I saved a keyboard from my old laptop that was thrown out because I knew the keys could atleast be used as scrapbooking letters. Instead, I wanted to make my son his own laptop. I still keep it up and only let him play with it occasionally, so I think that he still thinks that it’s the real deal! He at least knows that it’s special! Also, it probably isn’t a very safe toy, so that is another reason it is only played with on occasion, I want him to be supervised! This could be embellished tons more, be creative! This was all I felt like doing, maybe I will add more later, like icons.

Old Laptop Keyboard
Acrylic Paint
Hot Glue
Super Glue
Mod Podge

1. Cut out your cardboard, paint so that it doesn’t look like cardboard. Fold cardboard in half.
2. Mod podge your picture to where the screen would be.
3. Super glue keyboard to cardboard, hot glue or super glue buttons on as power buttons.
Let dry, then enjoy playing!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Round-Up

My son’s first birthday was last week, and we had a theme from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I showed off some of the stuff long before the party, and then finished up showing off everything this week. Here is the collection of everything. You can click on the link or the pictures to get to the tutorial or post about each thing.

We decided on the party theme by starting a new Valentine’s tradition.

I made two types of invitations. The first were a bit involved, and I didn’t want to take the time to make more. I was about to just do Facebook invites, but I decided against it because it was so cheesy. I made the second ones and tried to hand out all of the invitations. I did end up putting the invitation on Facebook, so that everyone I wasn’t able to hand them out to were able to see it.

I created a party hat, but in the end I decided not to subject my hat-hating son to wear it for the actual party.

We had some decorations. I was able to get some help and paint cardboard props for around the house.

I planned out the food based on the book. We also made signs to go with the food.

We made a cake, and my husband frosted it for me!

My son received a gift that went along with the theme- a very hungry caterpillar plush. Each piece is has Velcro and comes apart.

The guests took home these lollipops as the favors. Even the adults!

We had a great party, especially because my husband was able to be there!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Food

I used food from the book to plan what we would eat at the party, but only the foods I liked. I had the artist I have been using for the posters and lollipops paint some of these other foods, and I cut them out and glued them onto the cards. The cards had the text from that page of the book. I realized half-way through gluing them on the cards that I didn’t punch holes in them. My sister was here helping that day so we just punched holes in the ones we could, and forgot about the rest until after the party. Whoops! I don’t think anyone noticed!

The fruits I chose were:

For our main food, I put together the pickle, Swiss cheese and salami to make a sandwich bar. I had other meats, cheeses and veggies to go with it, as well as the sub rolls. I thought it was a cute idea!

We also had some other random stuff that was brought, as well as soda and the cake.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

A week before the party I was baking cornbread, so I baked the cake and cupcakes as well, and froze them until the morning of the party. It helped me have less to do. Also, when I worked near a bakery, they would freeze them purposely because it made them easier to frost.

My husband used to work near a bakery as well, and learned some of their tricks too. He was home and did most of the frosting for me.

I added the eyes, and the antenna tooth picks I made.

It was really simple, especially since I didn’t have to do most of it! I never knew that you kept all the cupcakes together to frost them for something like this, versus frosting each individually.

I had one extra cupcake, so I made a fat, round caterpillar. I know it looks terrible, but it tasted good, and gave my sister a chance to eat a cupcake before the party!

My son was so cute when eating the cake, seeing that was what the party was all about! He picked it up and ate it like a cookie!

Decorations for the Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

I found inspiration on Pinterest to paint cardboard to make party props. My idea was to have a huge caterpillar hanging on the wall, but I went a little smaller scale this time.

My first price of art I was too excited about and I showed it off before it was finished, see it here.

This big fat caterpillar was done by my sister. She drew it out and painted it all herself. She tried to make each color match the book by mixing them.

These ones I did myself. I really liked the way they turned out, I’m stalling at throwing them out.
Another sister of mine came over the day of the party to help decorate. She put streamers up everywhere for me. Everything looked great around the house!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Invitations- Take Two

This week is going to be a recap of the first birthday party, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Style. I have done a few things so far, you can see them here.

Take One Invitations are over at Arizona Mama. Click here to see them. I didn’t make enough of the salt dough caterpillars and I have been too lazy busy doing other stuff (for the party, of course!) to make more. So I made these.

I made them in paint, because I currently don’t have Photoshop. That means that they are easy enough for anyone to make them.

The caterpillar picture was found on a Google image search, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly where it was found. I made it smaller and put it in the corner, and then found a cute font, called Aubrey, for the text. With paint you can only change where you want your text to be once, so make sure it’s perfect the first time. I used multiple text boxes. Also, I had my address on there, but for Facebook and here, I took it off. I did it by using a white box to cover up the old text and put in the new.

It took a little bit more time than Photoshop would, but it’s nice to use something that already comes with the computer.

I made it a JPEG and cropped it in Picasa, so that it was a 4×6 so I could have them printed as pictures.