Heart Shaped Pillow for Valentine

Valentine is our friend’s baby and her mom does awesome photo shoots with her each month with a different theme. They always turn out so cute! With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to help make something for the photoshoot so I made this cute heart shaped pillow. If I get time and inspiration I might have to make her a couple headbands too. I only have boys so I just have to make the cute girly stuff for friends!

Heart Shaped Pillow Image

My boys don’t like to stay still for photoshoots but I was able to get a couple of pictures of my oldest while I was trying to take a picture of the pillow to send to my friend.

Colton on Heart Shaped Pillow

Boy on Heart Shaped Pillow

I can’t wait to see what magic she does with the pillow and her adorable baby, the pictures will turn out amazingly I’m sure!


For being the crazy blogger that I am I have misplaced or not taken quite a few pictures! Here are the pictures of everything that I have sketched out and painted. Some I will have noted that I have stenciled instead of free painted. Most of the time I cut the stencils myself anyway!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar– Painted on Cardboard
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pages painted by Monica Jamer

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pages recreated by Monica Jamer

Pirate Party Games- painted on cardboard

Toy Story Pizza Planet Signs– painted on posterboard and cardstock

Pizza Planet Sign recreated by Monica Jamer

Toy Story Banner painted by Monica Jamer

Wanted Poster– painted on Plywood, letters are handmade stencilsWanted Poster painted by Monica Jamer

Love Wall Art– flowered background painted on cardstock, letters handmade stencils

Love Wall Art created by Monica

Sunflower- painted on wood
Sunflower painted by Monica Jamer

Toy Story Party

My son’s 2nd birthday party was Toy Story themed. It was a small party with mostly adults but I think the birthday boy had alot of fun!

Invitations: Printed 4×6 Toy Story Invitations

Rosati’sPizza Planet Pizza

Cake (Decorated with Toy Story Figures)


Activities: Knock Over Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story on in the Background


Present Time

Decorations: Toy Story Backgrounds Banner

Pizza Planet Sign

Wanted Posters

Party Favors: Crayon Rolls with Toy Story Coloring Pages

Toddler Chores

From the time he started walking, my son knew to put his shoes away in the basket where we all keep our shoes. Sometimes he would even put mine away for me too. That has been his only chore until recently. He sometimes would help me clean up, but it didn’t happen very often because I’m lazy and I would just leave the toys out.

Now we have a new puppy and she likes to get into stuff so I have to be better at putting stuff away. I started by having my son put his dishes in the sink after dinner. After doing that for a few days I saw this article and realized he could be doing much much more.

This is his current chore list, although lots of times they are just bigger chores for me.

Put shoes away

Put dishes in the sink

Throw away what mommy asks

Pick up toys and books before bed

Put away dishes in “Colton’s Cupboard”

Put silverware in the drawer

Feed the dog

At just barely a year and a half he is doing great! Some things are easier for me, even if the rest are double the work that they usually are. It will pay off later though!

Bathroom Organization

I have been on a kick of cleaning my bathroom. It started with covering the hole in the door, and now I’m organizing everything in the drawers and cabinets.

Today I decorated an empty waffle box so I can put all of our first aid/medical supplies in it. It was just spray painted and covered with cute duct tape, but it works well. It’s pretty cute for something that hides in the cupboard.

Yesterday I made a tray to store my nail polish. The tutorial for the tray is over at Arizona Mama. I made it almost for free, but luckily I had the cute duct tape on hand. Click here to see the tutorial.

Bathroom Door Decor

So let’s say that someone who was once in our house had an anger problem… and this happened:

But I wanted to take awesome pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror and couldn’t have that in the background.

So I put up a piece of scrapbook paper and called it cute! I love it. I might mod podge it on so that it will stay for good, but we will see what the hubby thinks when he gets home!

Here’s my facebook post without the ugly hole in the door!

Feels Like Christmas, Maybe?

Usually the day after Thanksgiving our Christmas decorations are put up. It makes me feel that much longer than that is an eternity, even though it really wouldn’t matter. Today I finally got the boxes out of the attic (by myself, woohoo!) and put up the tree to start with. I put it in our den this year so that people could see it from the window as they walked up to our door.

My son doesn’t understand it and loves to touch the branches and tear off the ornaments and play with them. He can’t reach the breakable ones, but I’m constantly putting them back on the tree. We also watched Frosty the Snowman today. Colton approved!

Even if I’m not terribly in the mood for Christmas this year, it’s nice to have my son so that I go through the motions because I know he’ll enjoy it even if he wont remember it.

{Deployment Packages} Christmas Decor Edition

At my house we don’t pull out any Christmas Decorations or anything until after Thanksgiving. I didn’t think about getting this package out until recently but I really should have had it out a few weeks ago.

I did this same thing for Halloween, I found cheap and flat decorations so that my husband could have fun decorating his room. When I was buying them I knew I could make the same or better.

This time, I was able to find a couple things I could put together easily with the paper I had. I made the paper christmas lights and cut some paper for a paper chain that he can put together there.

The rest of the decoration items are from the dollar section of the store, and I included some candy, cocoa, chapstick, other of his regular goodies. (See Also: Deployment Packaging Station)