October in Review- The Goal to Be Productive

When the kid goes to bed, the clock starts ticking. I only have two hours to do chores and such before he wants to wake up and demand my attention. So I set out to start on the dishes but then I get tired and I go sit on the computer. Do I go write a blog post that I have been meaning to work on? Of course not! I browse Facebook, Pinterest and now Twitter and think to myself that maybe I should do something productive, but I rarely do. I don’t even know what I’m doing that wastes my time but the next thing I know I’m hearing the kid screaming to get up, and my time has run out. Today my goal is to be a little productive during naptime today and tomorrow so I can be ready to get my carpets cleaned and go on a trip this weekend.

Here are some things that I did when I was actually productive this month, hopefully next month I will have even more to show you!

Halloween Stuff:
Halloween Towel Band

Easy No-Sew Ghost Banner

Ghost Candy Stand Decoration

ACU’s from Daddy’s

Red Riding Hood

Home Decor:
Writing on the Closet

Vinyl Decor for My Coca-Cola Button

Bloggy Boot Camp and Vegas Recap

Easy Lemon Chicken

These are a few of my favorite things

What’s your favorite Chapstick?

Deployment Packaging Station

Christmas is Coming

September in Review

Not much crafting was done this month, I must have been too ambitious last month, and was tired of crafting and blogging this month. I have to get back in gear though, because I get to go to Bloggy Boot Camp soon!
I was able to change up my blog design a little bit, and I created a Facebook page. Here are the few of the crafty/bloggy things I did do in between laziness and being sick.

Celebrating my Arizona Mama Anniversary

Halloween Costumes (Cowboy Woody, Angry Birds Beanie, Spiderweb Headband)

Trip to the Farm

Great Ideas (Using a Suitcase as Decorative Storage, Kitchen Towel Band)

Trench Coat Altered with Corset and Ruffles

DIY Vinyl Gun Decals

Halloween Treat Ideas (Not Candy!)

Toddler Activities

My Top 5 Posts on Arizona Mama

As of this month, I have been writing for Arizona Mama for one year. It started off with my decorated burp cloth and kept on going from there! Take a look at my most viewed articles in this year.

Number 5: DIY Dog Bed

Number 4: On The Go Applesauce

Number 3: Indoor Clothesline

Number 2: Ruffled Curtains

Last but not least, Number 1: Coke Can Bracelets

Thanks for all of your support and your views, hopefully this next year will be just as productive as last year!

August in Review

I had a good August, but I did a ton of traveling! The time I spent here was a little crazy but we did make it to the Queen Creek Olive Mill, here in Arizona. While I was home I was also able to create a few other things to make our travels easier. I hope your August went well, and that you don’t mind taking the time to look through some of my posts from this month. Thanks!

About Traveling (Airport Travel Tips, Mom and Baby Brave the Airport, A Packing List)

Stuff Made for Traveling (Dog Stuff Container, Fabric Shower Hanger, On the Go Squeeze Applesauce, Play Mat Bag, ACU Tablet Case, Ruffled Tablet Case)

Living Life (Eating Better, Simplifying for Fall, Preschool Activities)

Food Tips (How to Make the Most of Fresh Lemons, Not Fried “Refried Beans”, Green Chicken a la King)

Some Cool Things I've Been Making These Last 100 Posts

I have been blogging for a few years now, I’ve taken long breaks and have been slow going at times, but this is my 100th post! I thought I would highlight some of my favorite topics.

I love making stuff to add style to my home, I use acrylic paints a lot for this!

Wanted Poster, Meal Planner, Painted Wall Quote, Nursery, Baseball Bat Display, Love Wall Hanging

I also love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday!

Pumpkin Candy Holder, Incredibles Costume, Halloween Garland

I like to alter my clothes or use them for something new.

How to Cut-up Jeans, Strapless to Strapped Dress, Cuter T-Shirt, T-shirt to Romper

I love to make new bags, I have a new one that I will be posting soon, I really love it!

My Bags, New Purse, Envelope System Wallet

I love making stuff for my baby but he’s getting pretty spoiled!

Car Seat Strap Covers, Cloth Height Chart, Car Seat Tent, Cloth High Chair

June in Review

I was able to get some stuff done in June that I have been wanting to do for awhile, the stuff on here is only part of it! It helps when I need to take pictures of parts of my house to do a blog post because then I will actually clean. I don’t think I have ever cleaned my laundry closet before!

I also was able to get around to changing my blog name, and url. If you still want to follow please re-subscribe. I kept the old blog around (even though it looks like this one) so that links to that one wouldn’t be broken. Thanks for coming back and checking it out! I was pretty excited about most of these projects.

House Stuff (Painted Wall Quote, Ruffled Curtains, Indoor Clothesline)

Baby Stuff (T-Shirt Quilt, Cloth High Chair, Personalized Shoes)

Dot to Dot Nail Art

T-Shirt Skirt with DIY Iron-On