Cloaks- The Original Wearable Blanket {Inspiration}

I started off making cloaks last year when I made my red riding hood cape for Halloween. The inspiration was from the ABC Show Once Upon a Time. To see more pictures of my version of the Red Riding Hood Cape click here.

Once Upon a Time Red Riding Hood Cloak
Image from ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Red Riding Hood CloakThe next one I made was a serious step up, a cloak for my sister for her Christmas present. She liked my Red Riding Hood Cloak but also had some other ideas for hers. It had to be a little more useful and warm. She liked the idea for the arm holes like on this Nancy Drew type of cape.

Nancy Drew Cape
Cape Available on Etsy

I made sure to add arm holes and to use thicker material for my sister’s cape. It was also made with a much thicker material and lined with flannel.

2nd Finished Cloak

My sister loves her cloak. My other sisters love it as well- so much that they steal it often. They asked for their own so I made them long capes for Christmas and I am currently working on a tutorial for them. Check back next week and I will have the tutorial for My Sister’s Cloaks.

My Sister's Cloak

Halloween Mantle {DIY Decor)

My two year old helped me decorate our “mantle” this year. We don’t have a mantle, but our bookcases work as one whenever we want to decorate!

My son put everything up on the lower shelves, I decorated the top and added the garland and the ghost banner.

The table runner I made a few years back, its a nice little striped quilt.

The Love sign in the background is up all year long, I made that when we lived in our first apartment. To see the instructions click here.

I made the ghost banner last year. It’s a little wrinkly this year but I thought it looked spooky (plus I’m lazy!) you can see the tutorial for it over at Arizona Mama. The Garland was made from the scraps of the table runner (and some other banners I haven’t hung up yet). Check out the tutorial for the garland here.

Some of my TP Pumpkins, they are super easy to make and look cute. Click here to see the tutorial.

I made this sign a couple years ago, it’s from an old dresser drawer, and just hand painted. The skulls came from the booty I bought the day after Halloween last year.

Happy Day After Halloween!

I scored at our local Spirit store this morning, I got there right when they opened. I didn’t find anything big that I was looking for, but I did walk out with $150 worth of stuff. They also have Military Discount. (Good thing my son was in his costume or I wouldn’t have known!)

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the stuff I bought for next year! I’m sure I’ll forget what was in there by next year but it will be like Christmas to open up the Halloween boxes! I still have stuff from last year’s National Half-Off of Halloween Stuff Sale that I didn’t look at this year because I wasn’t carrying everything down from the attic by myself. I can’t wait for next year, it will be so much fun!

So I Might Have Lied… Showing Off My Red Riding Hood Cloak

I said the last Halloween post was my last one until next year but Thursday night I decided to make this cloak for Friday’s party. I stayed up late, but it turned out awesome. Technically it’s not Halloween it’s Once Upon a Time (tv show on ABC) and I love it so much I will be wearing it for more than Halloween!

Last Halloween Post! Ghost Candy Stand

For the past alot of years I have put together small scarecrows, if you want to call them that, but they looked like small children dressed up as ghosts. They usually have shoes and jeans and a very round head with a sheet over it and black circles for the eyes and mouth. I usually put it together with sticks inside of the jeans, a shoe box for the body and a soccer ball taped on. I do not know why I haven’t blogged about this yet, I literally do one every year. Except this year. This year I just did a ghost without child legs.

This year I did it differently, and not only was it a million times easier, it is also where I will be putting the treats because I will not be going to the door every 5 seconds.

I think it turned out great- and it was super simple too.

5 Gallon Bucket- or box that size maybe? My bucket is where I keep my flour
Small Skinny Box- it might not have to be skinny but for some reason mine was
Basketball- really anything will work
Tape- i have nothing to add on this time, amazing huh?
2 White Sheets- or fabric but you want double layers so it doesn’t look like whatever is under it
Black Fabric Scraps- Cut like eyes and mouth. I used to sharpie but pinning these on saves the sheets for something else
Candy Bowl- optional
Candy- optional (See Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas


Tape Ball to Skinny Box

Tape Skinny Box to Bucket

Cover Ball, Box and Bucket Combo with Sheets

Tape or pin Fabric Scraps to the ghost’s face

Place Bowl on Bucket

Fill with Treats

My son loved the mini cheese puffs. I let him go trick or treating this one time without a costume, he can get away with anything, he’s so cute!

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Toddler Army Uniform Costume from Daddy's ACU's

I hate calling my baby a toddler- how did he get so big??

I’m not going to give a tutorial because I messed it up quite a bit, and didn’t have a very good way of doing it. (I was so frustrated it sat on the floor for almost a month!) The pants we’re super easy though, I made them just like pajama pants, and from the very bottom of the legs on daddy’s ACU’s.

So just enjoy the pictures of my cute little man- they make me cry- and just know that making this is do-able but finding a tutorial elsewhere would be a good idea!

I also want to try putting together a rucksack for him to use as a goody bag and maybe a tan t-shirt for under his jacket. (He was wearing a standard-issue blue’s Clues shirt for some of the pictures:)

Edited: I have gotten tons questions about making this outfit, it was something I made without a pattern (or taking enough pictures) but I did take some pictures of the outfit just laid out so that you can see it better so that maybe they can help more than I can! I do try to take the time to respond to any questions so feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will try to help!
ACU Top Open
ACU Bottoms

Halloweeen Headband

Materials:Lace (leftover from my trench coat)
Plastic Spider and Web (found at the dollar store-came with bats and rats as well)
Ribbon (optional, I didn’t use it)

Cut out enough lace to go around the headband, and hot glue it to the underside of the headband.

This is where I would add the ribbon, is to the underside of the headband, to cover the hot glue.

Cut a larger piece of the lace, make sure it’s longer as well as wider. You can run it through the sewing machine to ruffle it if you want.

If not, just cut a circle of felt and ruffle the lace around it, and hot glue it. Add strips of tulle and then hot glue your spider web to the headband as well.

That’s it, unless you want to embellish it more. I really like mine, it’s a little big for me but not too overwhelming so I’ll probably be wearing it most of October!

If you check out my new facebook page I posted a picture I found of the dog modeling the headband for me. The baby thought it was hilarious, apparently my husband did not.

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Getting Ready for Halloween

I had a little rant about what I give out instead of candy for Halloween. I didn’t mention that I also gave out princess go-fish games to the tween/teen boys that didn’t dress up. They didn’t even come up with a good excuse either, they just said they didn’t have a costume. Jerks! Haha I hope they loved their treat though.

I also just made this blue angry bird hat for my mom. That’s what she’s wearing instead of a costume. And yes, I know I look creepy in that picture. You try taking a picture like that!

Cowboy Woody Infant Costume

I’m kinda weird when it comes to costumes (check out my Elastagirl Costume). I like to have everything be an exact replica of the movie or exactly like the picture in my head. It’s hard to accept not having them come out perfect because their handmade, but they are closer to perfect than the cheap store bought costumes.

The Shirt
Yellow Paint or Dye
Red Paint
White Onsie (You can save time with buying a yellow onsie, but I couldn’t find any that were plain)

The baby didn’t wear this much, so I wasn’t spending too much money on it, so I used what I had. I had a white onsie and the paint. The paint dried very crunchy so I only painted parts of it, and I actually just used acrylic paint and washed it before he wore it. Anyway, paint or dye the shirt yellow. We painted the front down to the waistline, the arms, and a little of the back by the arms. We also left white circles for the buttons. After it dried we painted the red stripes. We just free-handed the lines. Before putting it on the baby we had to stretch it out a whole bunch because of the paint.

The Vest
White Fabric
Black Fabric (Something that won’t fray, like from an old t-shirt or felt)

I used a sweater vest that someone had given us to use as a pattern, you can use a onsie or something else, and cut out where the arms would be. I laid the vest flat and drew around the entire vest and cut out two of those in the white. I then folded one of them in half and cut it down the center. I put those two pieces together and cut a v-neck shape and rounded the bottom. (I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the process for you, I don’t feel that I am explaining this well without them but I’m sure you can figure out something!)

With the black fabric cut out cow spot shapes. It’s just like a cloud and can be whatever you want. This was the funnest part!

With black thread on the top and white thread in your bobbin sew on the cow spots wherever you would like. Since they won’t fray you don’t have to worry how pretty your sewing is as long as they are on there ok! I went with circle-ish shapes getting close to the edges. Ok, they were very rectangular circles, but you can’t tell!

Now you can sew the pieces of your vest together. Put the outsides together and sew the two top sides and the two bottoms sides. The vest was so easy and very cute!

The Boots

Pleather (I should say vinyl, that’s what it really is but I scored at Goodwill and got it for just a couple bucks, you can use a cheaper plain brown fabric or something else if you want)
Baby Boot Pattern(I used McCalls M6342)
Embroidery Thread(Optional)

After the pieces were cut out I added design to the boots. There are little lines on the toe and a cactus on the outer side. I started embroidering, but then decided I liked the sharpie look just as much (it was more toy-ish) but I did a little of both and made the boots match. I also added tabs to both sides of both boots. The designs were copied from a picture of the character at disneyland but you can find other pictures online.

Mine were hand sewn because it is hard to maneuver the sewing machine around these tiny shoes. I took shortcuts with the pattern (pleather won’t fray so I didn’t do any unnecessary seams).

After the fact I realize that although they were cute the boots were the biggest waste of time, because they were quite a bit time consuming and the baby kicked them off every time he wore them and I couldn’t even keep them on long enough for the picture.

The Hat

You might want to go find some sort of pattern for the hat. Or if you are making this for a bigger kid you can find them cheaply everywhere. My dilemma was that my kid has a small head, so this is done kind of oddly. A soft lining would have been nicer for him too.

If you are making your own I used a dinner plate and a bucket hat that fit him to come up with a pattern. Cut out two of the dinner plate. Cut out one of the size of the top of the bucket hat plus an inch or two around. Cut out a rectangular shape that is the height of the bucket hat and long enough to go around the smaller circle (that you made from the top of the bucket hat) plus a couple of inches. Very exact, huh?

Sewing this gets kind of crazy too. If you have a better way, I would love to see it! First sew the rectangular shape to the smaller circle. Start with the right sides together at the edges and try to hold the circle as you feed the rectangle under the presser foot. Go slow and it should be easier than it seems. When you finish there should be ends touching each other. Sew those together with the right sides touching.

Next, put the right sides of your dinner plate circles together. Sew the outer edge. and then turn it inside out. Set the top part of the hat in the center of the dinner plate circles (this will be your brim) and mark where the top part of the hat is going to be. Now cut a small hole in the very center of your brim and cut a line to where you marked. Cut a few more lines from the center to where the top part will be. It should look like this.

Black is the dinner plate piece, the gray is where you marked where the rest of the hat will be, and the red is the cut lines.

Now you should be able to sew the rest of the hat to the brim. Fold the triangle shapes under the rest of the hat (trim them after) and sew the middle piece of the hat to the brim. Now you can trim those triangle shapes from the brim. I told you, it was kind of a tacky way of doing it but it worked.

The Bandana

Red T-Shirt Fabric
White Paint Pen

I cut out a piece of a red t-shirt. I guessed on the whole pattern. I looked at a bib, but made it long enough that you could tie. I zig-zag stitched the edges and then my husband drew white X’s all over it.

The Belt
Belt Buckle

I was thinking about a cute “Woody” copy, but I was on a time crunch and couldn’t finish everything I wanted to do, so Grandpa’s belt buckle worked. I sewed a long strip of the pleather and stapled the buckle on. I wouldn’t do that for an older baby that gets into things but mine wasn’t doing to much of that then. I made sure the bottom of the staple was going towards the jeans so it wasn’t out to catch on anything. I punched a few holes in the pleather and called it good!

The Jeans

These were the easiest of all! I didn’t do a thing, we already had them!.

The Extras I Didn’t Do
If I had time I would have done these:
-Buttons to the shirt (I left some white circles when I painted but real buttons on the sleeves would have been cool
-A Sheriff Badge(I was looking for sticker that they give out to kids but never found one in time)
-Pull String (I had one of those retractable name badge things I wanted to rig up under the vest and just have a plastic circle showing)