Best of Summer {Money Saving Travel Tips}

Really these traveling tips are great for any time of year, but because I am thinking of my summer this week here they are! Check out my other Best of Summer Posts and where to go in Arizona in the Summer.

Eating Out of a Hotel Room {Money Saving Ideas} In this post I talked about what we ate while we stayed in a hotel room for over a week. It was when we really shouldn’t have been spending any extra money, and this helped save us from having to eat out for every meal when we were away from home.

Snacks to Bring to the Zoo These snacks help keep you full and not buying expensive snacks while you’re at the zoo, on a roadtrip or out other places.

Airport Traveling Tips One of the tips on this list is to bring an empty water bottle through security so that you can fill it up with free water once you get past security. You can even bring drink mixes with you so that it’s flavored.

What I Forgot on Our Cruise I packed for two trips when I packed for our cruise and forgot alot. It would have saved me money to think about some of these things before we left home.

Road Trip Packing List (And One for Toddlers) I use these packing lists every time I go on a road trip now. It keeps me from forgetting anything, and so far they have worked pretty well!

Easier Traveling with a (Cute!) Fanny Pack Save some stress on your next trip to a theme park by having everything you need on you at all times.

Save Money Before Your Vacation I try to hide my credit cards from myself to remind me to save money for my potential vacation.

More Travel Tips I review some of my past tips and how they went.

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Best of Summer { Souvenirs to Make or Display }

During our summer vacations I love to shop around for souvenirs, but I want my souvenirs to be useful in one way or another. Sometimes I just buy useful things but for everything else I try to make sure that we have a place to display it.

These 3 Frugal Disney Souvenirs are different things you can get at Disneyland for little to nothing and have memories of your trip when you get home.

Those squished pennies that you can get almost anywhere are usually the cheapest souvenir out there. That makes them my favorite, but what do you do with them afterwards? I made this Smashed Penny Display to use my smashed pennies to decorate.

When I was a kid my dad collected the souvenir sized baseball bats for us, and I had to find something to do with them. They are on display at my house once I made my Souvenir Baseball Bat Display.

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Best of Summer { Places to Go in Arizona }

This summer was all about vacations and staying out of the Arizona heat. These are some places that you can actually visit in the summer here in Arizona.

The heat in Sedona is still pretty high, but it is a bit lower than the valley’s heat. Here are a few places to stop while visiting Sedona, Arizona.

Camping on the Mogollon Rim was a great place to cool off and enjoy some beautiful views of the outdoors. It was pretty easy to access and there were lots of areas to explore.

Makutu's Island in Tempe Arizona

This is a great place to visit during the heat of the day when the kids want to run around. You can let them run wild in Makutu’s Island in Tempe, AZ.

This is another great indoor venue of things for you and your kids to do. Flipside in Chandler, AZ has bowling, arcades, bumper cars, lazer tag and a cool foam ball area with a climbing area and slides.

The Queen Creek Olive Mill is a great shop, restaurant and tour. During the summer the tours are still running and they show you all of the equipment and how they make olive oil. There indoor shop is perfect for hiding from the heat!

At Arizona Speedway you are sitting out in the heat, but during the summer most of the races are after dark, when it’s cooling down.

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