Buttery Garlic Lemon Pasta

Buttery Garlic Lemon Pasta
Author: Monica
  • 1/2 Cup Butter
  • 2Tablespoons Minced Garlic
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Flour
  • 1 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 2 Cups Chicken or Shrimp
  • 2 Cups Broccoli
  • Angel Hair Pasta
  • Parmesan
  1. Start boiling pasta and broccoli together. Cook Garlic in butter and lemon for a couple minutes. Add flour and milk, whisk together. Let meat simmer in sauce while the noodles and broccoli finish cooking. Mix everything together and top with parmesan before serving.

Heart Shaped Pillow for Valentine

Valentine is our friend’s baby and her mom does awesome photo shoots with her each month with a different theme. They always turn out so cute! With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to help make something for the photoshoot so I made this cute heart shaped pillow. If I get time and inspiration I might have to make her a couple headbands too. I only have boys so I just have to make the cute girly stuff for friends!

Heart Shaped Pillow Image

My boys don’t like to stay still for photoshoots but I was able to get a couple of pictures of my oldest while I was trying to take a picture of the pillow to send to my friend.

Colton on Heart Shaped Pillow

Boy on Heart Shaped Pillow

I can’t wait to see what magic she does with the pillow and her adorable baby, the pictures will turn out amazingly I’m sure!

Quick Pacifier Clip

5 Minute Pacifier Clip

My son is addicted to his pacifier, but now he also likes to eat and be messy so one pacifier clip isn’t enough. Last night I needed a second pacifier clip so I whipped one up before bed.

I was lucky to have an abundance of lanyards from when we went to Nascar and they had nice clips on them. I also used some thin elastic, leftover from My Little Pony Headbands.

It was a super quick sewing job to make this pacifier clip with the sewing machine, but it was also be easy to hand-sew if you don’t have a sewing machine handy.

1. Trim the lanyard to about 6 inches long. You don’t want it to be too long because it’s a safety hazard.

2. Trim the elastic to about 3 inches.

3. Fold the elastic in half and place it between the two sides of the lanyard. Sew it in place.

That’s it! Seriously so easy and having a pacifier clip for my baby is seriously the most useful baby item we have. Our first one we received as a gift and it was one of my favorite things ever!

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Our Dog Adoption Story: Roxie

After reading some other Adoption Stories at Dogthusiast I wanted to share Roxie’s adoption story. We have had our puppy, Roxie for almost 3 years already. She is one of the family. She sleeps either in my bed or my son’s and is one of the kids that always wants attention. Roxie is a spoiled brat just like our human kids. I say that in a loving way.

Roxie was a stray in Phoenix. Her and her brother were found wandering around the city the weekend of Thanksgiving. Someone found them and was taking them to the pound when my friend took them in. My friend took them believing that the puppies owner was just away for Thanksgiving and would come home and look for their escaped pet.

A few months later my friend still had the puppies in her care. She knew that she had taken on too much and looked to rehome one of the pups. Roxie, who my friend had named Nox was the least favorite of the two and I saw the pictures of her online and had to have her. I bugged my husband about it and he kind of assaulted my friend with questions about Nox. He was overseas and I was adopting the puppy without him being able to meet her.

I finally told my husband that I was going to take Nox in as a favor to my friend and that if she didn’t fit well with our family that I would just be a foster parent until we found Nox a new home. As soon as I brought Nox home I was in love. She was such a sweet puppy. I had to put her through some tests before I would let her near my little boy. I hated to do it but I pulled on her ears and her tail to see how she would react with someone being mean to her. Her reaction was to shy away from me, and not to get aggressive with me. I gave her big hugs and treats and tried to reassure her that we were nice but I was happy to know that if my toddler bugged her she wouldn’t snap at him.

Best friends! #toddlerlove #puppylove #dogsofinstagram #pitbull

A photo posted by Monica (@monzanitas) on

I wasn’t too fond of the name Nox, so I started to subtly change it to Rox, and then Roxie. My brother-in-law came up with the name and everyone loved it as much as we loved her.

When my husband came home and there was some difficulty getting him and Roxie used to each other but in the end they both learned to love the other like family, and they still do.

Naptime! #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #dogsofinstagram #pitbulllove

A photo posted by Monica (@monzanitas) on

Lately Roxie’s favorite one in the family is Baby Thomas who is 8 months old now. She knows that he spit ups all the time and it taste good and he will let her lick his face until mom yells. She also loves sitting beneath his high chair as he learns to eat crackers and cereal because he always shares with her and if she’s lucky mom will put his tray on the floor so that she can lick up any of the messy remains.

Roxie decided to join our photoshoot today. #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #babylove #lovemydog

A photo posted by Monica (@monzanitas) on

I really love this pup so much. She is currently sleeping on my feet and keeping them warm! I’m so glad that we adopted her a few years ago and that she is such a great dog. Seriously, rescues are the best! If you need a new friend in your life go check out your local shelter or pound. You will seriously be so happy that you did. Just know that it can take some time and effort to train them and be ready to care for them their entire life.


For being the crazy blogger that I am I have misplaced or not taken quite a few pictures! Here are the pictures of everything that I have sketched out and painted. Some I will have noted that I have stenciled instead of free painted. Most of the time I cut the stencils myself anyway!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar– Painted on Cardboard
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pages painted by Monica Jamer

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pages recreated by Monica Jamer

Pirate Party Games- painted on cardboard

Toy Story Pizza Planet Signs– painted on posterboard and cardstock

Pizza Planet Sign recreated by Monica Jamer

Toy Story Banner painted by Monica Jamer

Wanted Poster– painted on Plywood, letters are handmade stencilsWanted Poster painted by Monica Jamer

Love Wall Art– flowered background painted on cardstock, letters handmade stencils

Love Wall Art created by Monica

Sunflower- painted on wood
Sunflower painted by Monica Jamer

My Little Pony Felt Headbands

My Little Pony Headbands
I’m doing a my little pony birthday party for a friend’s daughter. I started off by watching way too many episodes in one day while sketching out these headbands. My Little Pony Felt Headbands Once they were sketched out it was easy and fun to put them together while we watched more episodes of my little pony. To make your own you will need great scissor skills, plenty of felt, tacky glue and elastic. Felt ColorsFelt Colors Shopping List:

  • White
  • Light Yellow
  • Bright Yellow
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Bright Blue
  • Orange
  • Light Purple
  • Dark Purple
  • Light Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Light Brown

My three year old son was wonderful enough to take some pictures of the process of making the headbands. Making Felt My Little Pony Headbands First I made a simple stencil, so that the ears would be symmetrical, and used that to cut out light blue felt for Rainbow Dash’s ears. Making Felt My Little Pony Headbands Making Felt My Little Pony Headbands Next I cut out the other colors and shapes for the mane. My sisters have told me I should have had her hair point downwards instead of up, but either way it’s usually flying in the wind so I think it looks great. Making Felt My Little Pony Headbands When everything is cut out you can paint on any accents, I usually just add a paint stroke to the ears. Then everything can be glued on as well. Making Felt My Little Pony Headbands Lastly, the elastic needs to be glued onto the back. I usually let it dry using a clothespin to hold it together.

My Little Pony Headbands

For the rest of the friends it’s the same idea. I used some pictures online to compare the ponies to my sketches and to get the colors right. For some of the less obvious ponies I like to add their cutie mark too.

Twilight Sparkle Headband
Baby Brother makes a cute Twilight Sparkle!

Keep checking back, hopefully soon I will finish the last of the My Little Pony headbands before the party. Keep in touch with Monzanita’s via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and I’ll be posting more pictures!

Make Everyday a Funeral

Make everyday a funeral is the worst title I'veever written, but I had to use it anyway
‘Make Everyday a Funeral’ is probably the worst title I have ever written. You can take it how you want, funny, depressing or just all out wrong but it completely sums up how I have been feeling lately.

I lost my uncle last Christmas and I am still having a really hard time with it. It was suicide and I always wish I would have expressed my love and appreciation more while he was alive. There have been a few more suicides recently that have effected me- the one everyone knows about was Robin Williams. With every death it makes me so sad to see everyone tell their favorite stories and memories and talk about the good qualities of the deceased after they are gone.

I want to let everyone I love know that I love and appreciate them before they are gone. That’s why I have the eerie title. I want to remember and take time to say the nice things that are said at a funeral long, long before the funeral. Want to join me?

Ideas of Showing Love and Appreciation:

Share your favorite memories, traits and features of your loved ones. I have tried to make an effort to think of saying these things when I see or talk to my family and friends. I sometimes will write these things in a birthday facebook post or cards. It’s a great idea for when you don’t know what to say!

Take time to spend time with family and friends. I am guilty of letting spending time with people that mean alot to me go by the wayside. I have been trying to take the time to hang out with friends and family and to go see them now. We may not have as much time with people as we would like and we shouldn’t put off the good times.

Show your love. Now. The biggest thing I have tried to take away from the death I have seen lately is that you never know how much time you have with someone. Go and fix any problems you have with friends and family, make up. Take the time to call your mom. Send an email or letter to ask how your loved ones are doing. Just take a few minutes of each day to do something to show your love, and don’t wait.


Yesterday I got to go to a fun Arizona Blogger Meet Up. Check out my instagram, I took a few pictures! I had so much fun and I was super encouraged to start getting into blogging again. I have been hiding on tumblr and ‘blogging’ there.

(Sidenote: I don’t think tumblr is real blogging, it’s fun and can be inappropriate and I think I am the oldest person on tumblr. Also to My Mom: Do not go on tumblr, your other children will kill me for telling you about it. It can be very inappropriate, but don’t worry you have good children otherwise.)

Anyway, I saw some kids on tumblr do handwriting posts, with a picture of a handwritten post about themselves and I thought it would be fun to bring over to the blogging world, especially after taking notes at the blogger meet up yesterday- the first time I have handwritten anything in a little while.

Here is my beautiful handwriting:

Here is my photo typed out:
Handwriting Post

I’m stealing this idea from tumblr so that everyone can see my handwriting and try to dechipher it. (Worst part is no spell check!)

Name: Monica Jamer
Blog: Monzanita’s (monicajamer.com)
Instagram/Twitter: @monzanitas

Color: Blue
Music: Rock/Alternative
Drinks: Water, Chocolate Milk Spiked with Coffee
Places: Wilderness of Any Kind!
Vehicle: Jeep TJ
Animals: My Dog and My Chickens

Don’t forget to be awesome!

-Monica monzanita@gmail.com

Here’s another fun fact about my handwriting, in high school I hated my handwriting so I printed the alaphabet in the font ‘Bradley Hand’ and practiced until my handwriting looked like that font. It has evolved a bit since then, but I love my handwriting! What does your handwriting look like? Send me a picture, link or tag me on instagram so that I can see it, no matter how bad it is! (@monzanitas)

Warning: Having Chickens May Change Your Life

Chickena May Change Your Life
I have wanted chickens for quite awhile. I was amazed to find out that you could have them in urban areas, and once I found out that they were much easier to care for than I would have thought, I knew that I would have them myself. I finally convinced my husband that we were ready for them and he agreed to let me go get ‘a couple’. I brought home three hens and the story was that the extra one jumped in the box!

Having our hens has changed a lot in my life. It has changed our living style, outlook and goals. They keep me a little bit more active and help me stay focused on our home life.

We started spending more time outside. Even in the heat of the summer we spend time outside to care for the chickens, or just to enjoy watching them do weird chicken-y things. We also love to go outside to check for eggs.

DIY Hen House
My DIY Hen House, made from scraps!

I started being handy and resourceful.I’m not sure how long this one will last, but I needed to build them a coop and I used our scrap wood to make them a little henhouse. My husband had to teach me to use powertools and he had to help me with some of the planning and stepped in to help with putting a couple peices together, but mostly I built the coop myself. I am so proud and it gives me the encouragement that I need to know that I can do other projects and fix things myself if needed.

I want my yard to look nice. Going out in the yard more makes me want to keep it looking good so that we can enjoy being out there more. I have plans for actual landscapers to come and do when we save up for it, and I have been taking time to slowly work on it myself.

I pick up the dog poop more often. I have always been pretty lazy about picking up the dog poop. Being outside more and seeing it (and smelling it!) more often has helped encourage me to pick it up in a more timely manner. That makes for a much nicer yard and a more enjoyable space.

I want to garden. The landscaping I have been attempting and planning has made me want to garden. Although I have yet to start I have been reading up on anything and everything and watching gardening youtube videos.

We have been eating better. We feed the chickens mostly table scraps. They mostly eat veggie scraps, so now everytime I buy veggies I’m not worried about them going bad, because they will be eaten one way or another so it’s not wasteful. When we have more healthy food like veggies around we tend to eat quite a bit healthier. Not to mention that we have fresh, healthy eggs to eat too.

I now have a compost pile. The chickens don’t always eat all of the kitchen scraps, so it started a compost pile. I then did research and started adding more to the pile and now we have a great compost pile going. It’s a perfect way to clean up the chicken poop and wood shavings from the henhouse. The compost will be great for the garden I’m starting soon!

We waste less. With what we feed to the chickens and put in the compost pile our trash cans take much longer to fill up. It’s great because I hate taking out the trash.

I’m getting into shape, and sitting on the couch less. The landscaping I have been doing, and caring for the compost and everything else gets me up and going almost everyday. I have needed it. Even though it is still super hot outside I finally get a little bit of exercise, and I sure have needed it.

I keep the housework up, a little bit. My husband wasn’t too thrilled about me taking on more responsibility when before I was having a hard time keeping up with housework and caring for the kids and everything else I want to do in my life. I was pretty lazy and acted helpless while I was pregnant but after I showed him that I could do everything he was ok with us getting a couple chicks. I don’t always have all the housework done (ok, it’s never all done or even mostly done) but I actually do some of it and quite a bit more than I used to do. Really I just loathe laundry, dishes and cleaning but now that I have something to work towards (keeping the chickens) I tend to do quite a bit more. Also, being active with stuff outside helps me be more active with stuff inside. I guess it is true that an object in motion stays in motion.
the kids and our baby chicksWe had to get cute baby chicks. The hens we found on craigslist seem to be much older than we were told. Only one is a good layer, and one hasn’t laid for us ever. It was a great start for me to get to know and care for chickens but I won’t ever get hens again, we will just start with chicks. We just bought a few chicks so that we will have eggs in a few months. Until then they are so cute and fluffy and just a joy to have and to play with. I mean look at the kid’s happy faces. I’m just as happy looking at them and holding their cuteness! I can’t beleive how the grow so quickly.

Bob the Builder- the Hen versionMy son loves the ‘chicky-chicks’. The pictures and memories of him playing with all of the chicky-chicks is completely worth having the chickens and all of the work. He named some of them himself and just loves them. That’s why we have a hen named ‘Bob the Builder’. It’s also a great lesson to him on being gentle!

Do you have chickens? How have they changed your life?

For some great reading check out these books! (Affiliate Links)
Keep Chickens! Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces
Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard

Memorial Day Jeep Adventure {Beautiful Images}

Memorial Day is a day to spend time thinking of those we have lost while they were out protecting our country and our freedom. This means that we are free to spend time out enjoying our country, America the Beautiful. Here are some pictures I took while we out this weekend on our little Jeep adventure. Feel free to use these pictures in anyway you like, they would make lovely background images.

jeep adventure

We went out to find Sunflower Mine. While we didn’t see any sunflowers there were many other beautiful wildflowers along the way. There have been fires recently and it was amazing to see the wildflowers and new growth among all the burnt trees.

We stayed along a very tiny stream for awhile and the trees and wildlife were beautiful. It was a nice break from our regular desert scenery.

We also found purple rock, It was a type of shale or something. It was so neat to find rock that color, I have never seen any. If I had I would have thought it was fake. My sister and I collected some small purple river rocks and I took home a couple of pieces of the bigger purple shale rocks, they will go around my fire pit in the backyard. My goal is to take a few rocks from everywhere we travel and have a small patio of memories. Hopefully soon I will have pictures of the projects we make with the rocks.

We found lots of mine remnants and took a look in the old machinery and looked in at the mine shafts as well.

We finished up around sunset, it was a nice end to a great day.

America is beautiful. It’s amazing that I was able to enjoy that beauty with my family.

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