Our Dog Adoption Story: Roxie

After reading some other Adoption Stories at Dogthusiast I wanted to share Roxie’s adoption story. We have had our puppy, Roxie for almost 3 years already. She is one of the family. She sleeps either in my bed or my son’s and is one of the kids that always wants attention. Roxie is a spoiled brat just like our human kids. I say that in a loving way.

Roxie was a stray in Phoenix. Her and her brother were found wandering around the city the weekend of Thanksgiving. Someone found them and was taking them to the pound when my friend took them in. My friend took them believing that the puppies owner was just away for Thanksgiving and would come home and look for their escaped pet.

A few months later my friend still had the puppies in her care. She knew that she had taken on too much and looked to rehome one of the pups. Roxie, who my friend had named Nox was the least favorite of the two and I saw the pictures of her online and had to have her. I bugged my husband about it and he kind of assaulted my friend with questions about Nox. He was overseas and I was adopting the puppy without him being able to meet her.

I finally told my husband that I was going to take Nox in as a favor to my friend and that if she didn’t fit well with our family that I would just be a foster parent until we found Nox a new home. As soon as I brought Nox home I was in love. She was such a sweet puppy. I had to put her through some tests before I would let her near my little boy. I hated to do it but I pulled on her ears and her tail to see how she would react with someone being mean to her. Her reaction was to shy away from me, and not to get aggressive with me. I gave her big hugs and treats and tried to reassure her that we were nice but I was happy to know that if my toddler bugged her she wouldn’t snap at him.

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I wasn’t too fond of the name Nox, so I started to subtly change it to Rox, and then Roxie. My brother-in-law came up with the name and everyone loved it as much as we loved her.

When my husband came home and there was some difficulty getting him and Roxie used to each other but in the end they both learned to love the other like family, and they still do.

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Lately Roxie’s favorite one in the family is Baby Thomas who is 8 months old now. She knows that he spit ups all the time and it taste good and he will let her lick his face until mom yells. She also loves sitting beneath his high chair as he learns to eat crackers and cereal because he always shares with her and if she’s lucky mom will put his tray on the floor so that she can lick up any of the messy remains.

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I really love this pup so much. She is currently sleeping on my feet and keeping them warm! I’m so glad that we adopted her a few years ago and that she is such a great dog. Seriously, rescues are the best! If you need a new friend in your life go check out your local shelter or pound. You will seriously be so happy that you did. Just know that it can take some time and effort to train them and be ready to care for them their entire life.