5 Reasons I Love My Husband

This isn’t a post to make anyone jealous, I’m just trying to show off my husband a little bit and show that I am thankful for everything that he does for me and for who he is. I recently started reading The Happy Wives Club blog and it’s been helping me remember to think positively about my marriage and try to show it. I usually have a hard time showing it, so hopefully this will help!

1. He works hard for our family. He works a job where he has to get up super early and he is not a morning person, so it really means alot to me that he works for us. He also went through a 9 month deployment for us recently. I know it was hard for him, I’m so glad that he did it for us though.

2. He takes the time to listen to me. He also lets me get my way, alot. He always tells me that if I’m happy, he’s happy.
He even let my son help him with fixing the Jeep

3. He tries to be cheap like I am, and DIY stuff. Like fixing the Jeep. He saved us thousands of dollars by staying up super late to finish fixing the truck so that I could use it the next day. (See number one where he is not a morning person and had to get up early.

Look how young he was in 2008!

4. He loves kids. My little brother and sister were young when we started dating and he was great with them. It made me love him more right away! The picture of him and my brother has always been one of my favorite pictures. I love to see him play and interact with our son, as well as see how excited he is about bringing another son into the world soon. He is an amazing dad.

5. He does things that he doesn’t want to do, for me. Like wearing this bright blue tie so that it matched my awesome dress when we went on our cruise this summer. He didn’t want to dress up either.

He also tries to eat new things. That’s a hard one for him, he likes staying in his comfort zone of food and hates trying new things. It may take some nagging but he does try new food for me. It really amazes me what he drags his feet on eating though. Who doesn’t want to try delicious frosting? Or candy? Or pie? I’m glad he does try new things though, because we have found some great new recipes and some of his favorite places to eat.

What We Are Eating This Week {Lunch and Dinner Ideas}

We are having a delicious Thanksgiving in August today because my husband missed Thanksgiving last year. Now I have to plan the rest of the week. I need to make sure to plan it out because I am going back to work and I want to make sure my husband and son can survive! Just kidding honey… I know you would have done fine but I want to make it easier for you anyway!


Lunch: Homemade Hot Pockets (Like the berry ones, but filled with deli meat and cheese instead)
Dinner: Turkey and Noodles

Breakfast: Pancakes

Dinner:Homemade Pizza


Lunch: Pizza Leftovers
Dinner: Burritos

Lunch: Italian Pasta
Dinner: Green Chile Enchiladas

Lunch: Pinwheels
Dinner: Ham and Potato Casserole
Dessert: Potato Chip Cookies

Breakfast: German Pancakes
Dinner: Vegetable Chowder

Dinner: Fried Rice and General Tso’s Chicken

Jeep Sewing Projects

We recently bought a jeep and have been four wheeling every weekend this month. I want to buy accessories for it, but I’m being thrifty as usual and making my own. It sure helps out for making the payment too!

Handle Bar Bag

This turned out to look a little frumpier than I wanted it to. Next time I’ll have to use some heavy backing. I do love that I have all of my stuff close and convenient. There’s always extra space for snacks and for my camera too.

Tool Roll

This is an adult version of a crayon roll! The tools are a little bit odd shaped, so they don’t roll as well as a crayon roll but it is a great way to save space and keep your tools safe and organized. It’s also convenient to have all of your tools in one spot and can be easily carried to wherever you need them.

Fire Extinguisher Holder

Did you know it cost over $20 for one of these? I made it for much less! I finally finished a great easy-to-follow tutorial for how to make your own. Click here to see the full Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Holder Tutorial.


This wasn’t the most important thing I wanted to make but it is always great to have a spare blanket and to use a ton of extra fabric. It’s now my son and my dog’s favorite blanket to fight over. I love the patriotic color theme, it’s like a taste of 4th of July every day!

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Almost Gourmet: Tomato Basil Soup and Fancy Grilled Cheese

Tomato Basil Soup
I bought this cup for my husband while he was in Afganistan and shipped it out to him, it reminds me of how he greets me everyday 🙂 I’m happy he was able to bring it home in one piece!

Last year I made this Tomato Basil Soup. It was really good, I was a little disappointed that I shared it with everyone, I wanted more for myself! Today I made the same soup (twice the size though!) and I had cooking in the slow cooker all day. All day the smell has been teasing me because it smells so good! I also added a little bit of Italian Herb Olive Oil that I recently bought in Sedona, because it too smelled so good that I couldn’t resist adding it.

I’m now making “Fancy Grilled Cheese”. It’s my usual grilled cheese with buttered edges but this time in the butter I added some garlic powder, Italian herbs and grated parmesan cheese. I am also broiling them in the oven instead of cooking them on the skillet. They just need to be flipped so that they are toasted on both sides.

Served with the tomato basil soup these are amazing! Or maybe it was just smelling them all day that has me a little too excited about them. 🙂 My son loved the grilled cheese the best, but he did eat a little of the soup with his grilled cheese dipped in it. My husband liked it dipped as well, he said it reminded him of mozzarella sticks and dipping sauce.

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