Toy Story Party

My son’s 2nd birthday party was Toy Story themed. It was a small party with mostly adults but I think the birthday boy had alot of fun!

Invitations: Printed 4×6 Toy Story Invitations

Rosati’sPizza Planet Pizza

Cake (Decorated with Toy Story Figures)


Activities: Knock Over Mr. Potato Head

Toy Story on in the Background


Present Time

Decorations: Toy Story Backgrounds Banner

Pizza Planet Sign

Wanted Posters

Party Favors: Crayon Rolls with Toy Story Coloring Pages

Camping Food Menu and Ideas

One of the great parts of camping is the food. We recently went up to the Mogollon Rim near Payson, Arizona and had a great time. The great food was just a bonus!

Day One
Breakfast: Whatever we had at Home
Lunch: from Wendy’s on the ride to the campsite
Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie Tin Foil Dinners

Day Two
Breakfast: Pop Tarts and Cereal
Lunch: Grilled Ham and Cheese or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Dinner: Steak and Potato Packets

Day Three
Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon
Lunch: Sausage and Tots or Hot Dogs and Tots
Dinner: Classic Tin Foil Dinners

Day Four
Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Snacks on the way home
Dinner: Whatever we had at home

Different Cooking Methods

For the Sausage, Hot Dogs and Steak we cooked them over the fire (our neighbors that went with us sometimes pulled out the grill instead). You can make your own sticks by whittling the ends of a stick and sanitizing it by burning the edges really quick or use ones that you bought. For the steaks especially, they can be propped up to the fire by rocks and turned as needed. The campfire really does add good flavor to them, I’m already craving another campfire steak!

The tin foil dinners are cooked over coals. I don’t mean that you brought charcoal, I mean that you started a fire and let it burn for a little bit until you had some great coals. You will have to move around the logs that are still on fire to get to them though. Also, make sure to bring some gloves to pick up the foil packets because they will be really hot! I use just plain leather work gloves but something a little bit more fire-safe would be better. The potatoes were cooked in tin foil packets as well as the tin foil dinners.

For the breakfasts and the grilled cheese we used my camping frying pan inside of our friend’s 5th wheel on their gas stove. If it were just me camping I would have cooked all of those things over the campfire/coals or even on a camping stove. Do whatever is easiest for you!

Prepare Ahead

Most everything we had prepared ahead of time. I made the tin foil dinners and prepared the tater tot packets before we left and froze them. Freezing them helped them stay at a safe temperature in the cooler, and helped keep everything else cold. The first night we realized that we should have taken out the tin foil dinners way sooner to thaw, because they took a long time to cook. The rest of them defrosted right on schedule.

The only thing we really prepared there was the pancake batter and the potato packets. It was fine to do them while we were there but had we done them earlier it would have saved us some stress of bringing all the ingredients and supplies.

Check out recipes that we made after this camping trip from the wild blackberries we picked. See them here at Arizona Mama.

Throwback Thursday: Moving Out

The Life of Bon is having a summer of Throwback Thursdays and I wanted to tell my moving out story too. Thanks to The Life of Bon for the ideas and the link party!

I graduated 5 months before I turned 18 and I was ready to move out as soon as I graduated. I didn’t like having anyone tell me what to do and I couldn’t stand being home.

At the same time I couldn’t afford to live on my own- at all! I planned to move in with my boyfriend. On my 18th birthday my best friend and my boyfriend took me out to the movies and to the mall to celebrate, because how else would you celebrate being 18? It was also the first time I had a midnight curfew.

That’s where we went to go visit my boyfriend’s mom at work, a jewelry store in the mall.

My boyfriend asked her, “Hey is it alright if Monica moves in with us tomorrow?” And she answered “Absolutely not.”

I was livid. I had been bugging him to make sure it was ok with her for months and he had just planned on it being ok with her but not asking her until the night before. This is the man I married.

I was all packed up and ready to go, ready to live in my car if necessary because I didn’t want to be at home any longer. Luckily for me, my best friend swooped in and saved the day.

Her mom lived alone when she was at her dad’s, which was most of the time, so her mom let me move into their cat’s bedroom. It was their spare bedroom but the cat was the one that spent the most time in it.

With just a couple trips in my car I was able to get all of my stuff over to their house, with the help of my boyfriend who was still in the dog house.

I came to find out that my new roommate, Amy, wasn’t there very often, and being alone freaked me out at first. The first night I stayed there alone I heard some weird noises outside and realized that this was the first time I had been anywhere that I couldn’t go run and grab a gun if an intruder came in. To make myself feel better I grabbed a handful of firecrackers and a lighter and put those by my bed instead. If I needed to I would try to scare someone off with a small firecracker and pure willpower.

Now that I am a first apartment, a marriage and a first house further down the road I see how easy everything was and how everything I went through then wasn’t a big deal but I sure am grateful to those people that made it easier for me. Thanks Amy and Kourtney! I guess I should finally let my now husband, Ben, out of the doghouse because he was young and stupid just like I was.

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Today at Arizona Mama: A Few More Traveling Posts

A few years ago my husband and I went on a great trip to New England together. It was a great trip but my memories of it are fading. Read my story over at Arizona Mama.

Also, during all the fun and excitement I have had from traveling recently I missed telling you about my Eating Out of Your Hotel Room post. Better late than never! When we stayed at a Fort Bliss hotel for a couple of weeks we tried to eat out of our hotel room to save money instead of eating out every night. I have plenty of ideas and things to shop for over at Arizona Mama.

What I Forgot on Our Cruise

I usually am very prepared when I go on vacation. I have multiple lists to remind me of what I need to bring, and I use them almost every time. This time we went on a vacation during our vacation and apparently traveling without my toddler makes me forget a lot of stuff.

More Money- We spent tons more than I planned for. It was worth it though!

Stuff for Sea Sickness- We ended up buying Sea Bands and a small vial of tea tree oil, both of those totaled $30

Camera Cards- We had one, but forgot to transfer everything to the computer before we left

Laundry Soap, Quarters- I knew I needed to do laundry but forgot this stuff

Beach Bag/Purse- I haven’t been carrying a real purse, just a small clutch but I needed one while traveling. I ended up buying one at Bubba Gump’s.

Sun Screen & Aloe- Closer to the equator you burn easier.. we were in alot of pain for the last few days of the cruise!

Case of Water- We found out later that you could bring your own water to keep from buying their bottled water. I would have used the free water but it really didn’t taste that great.

Books/Magazines- I usually just read stuff online but without internet I was a little bored at times.

Walkie Talkies- We didn’t need these all that much but they would have been useful to use because I wasn’t paying to use my cell phone

Ballet Flats- I brought sneakers, flip flops and heels but I would have liked something to wear on formal night when my feet were done with heels.

Jacket- I would have really appreciated having a nice looking jacket with me, I was cold most of the time but didn’t want to dress down with my one long sleeve shirt

Watch- I needed mine because I wasn’t carrying around my phone. We always needed to know the time so we could get to dinner and shows and stuff on time.

Hair Ties/Clips- I took these with me but I needed the reminder to keep one on my wrist at all times, incase we wandered to an open deck

Swim Cover Up- I should have used this dress as one, but I just forgot it.

Goggles- It was so cool to see things in the ocean once we bought some goggles. I just wish I brought some from home instead of paying a ton at the beach

No Soda Card- We paid for the soda card for the week but found out it wasn’t worth it. It might be worth it daily but the days we spent at the different ports we didn’t order any soda or anything. The days we did order soda it was still kinda iffy about if we would have saved money on it or not.

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