Why I Love My Appliances: BlendTec Blender Edition

It’s time for the fifth edition of Why I Love My Appliances, the series of where I brag about my appliances and decide whether they are worth their investment and their shelf space. This week I will be talking about my BlendTec Blender.

Why I Love My BlendTec Blender: 
I love it for all the smoothies and shakes in the summer, and for all of my kitchen pulverizing needs. (Trust me, there are plenty.)

What I Use My BlendTec Blender For:
I use it for parts of recipes such as turning sugar into powdered sugar, chopping nuts, shredding chicken, grinding oats. I also make vegetable juice that I use in recipes instead of milk or water. When he needed it, I also made tons of baby food as well. Sometimes I use it for making soups, banana bread dough, or other recipes. (See my list below)

Features I Love About My BlendTec Blender:
I love that I can put it on a speed or use a preset. The blender turns off after the preset is finished or 90 seconds. I love that it works everytime and that it doesn’t crap out on me halfway through a smoothie. I could go on and on. Or you might have fun watching Will it Blend? (See More about My BlendTec Here)

Was My BlendTec Blender Worth the Investment?
We used to go out and get milkshakes with our meal, they were about $4 each. We never get those anymore because we can go make them at home (if we actually do or not doesn’t matter :). We also saved on things like baby food, I hardly paid anything for baby food because I was able to make it myself. We also save on things like chopped nuts and powdered sugar. I have found that it is amazing that our blender can take sugar and pulverize it into powdered sugar. Powdered sugar is about twice the amount per ounce as sugar so any way I can save is great. It also saves me from running to the store when I realize I have run out of it at the last minute. (See more about Powdering Your Own Sugar here)

There is one more major thing that this blender has saved us on, and that is buying new blenders. We were buying twenty dollar blenders before and none of them was able to withstand my husband’s smoothies. The fact that this one has lasted us a few years is incredible. We have had the blender bowl replaced by the warranty once, but that was incredibly easy to take care of over the phone. I immediately was able to talk to a real person. All in all it has been a great investment and the longer it lasts the more money it will continue to save us.

Recipes for My BlendTec Blender:
Not Refried Beans
Tomato Basil Soup
Green Chicken a la King

Disclaimer: I do get compensation for things you may buy on Amazon.com but all opinions are my own. I also love Amazon.com for reasons other than any compensation I may get.