Why I Love My Appliances: Keurig Edition

It’s time for the third edition of Why I Love My Appliances, the series of where I brag about my appliances and decide whether they are worth their investment and their shelf space. This week I will be talking about my Kuerig.

Let me start off with saying I don’t drink coffee. My husband does and he is the only one that does. For awhile that meant that we didn’t have a coffee maker of any kind, and he spent money at the coffee shop, and we all know that those places are not cheap. We finally bought a cheap coffee pot, but it made at least 4 cups of coffee and he only needed to take one to work. It was very wasteful, not to mention the filters and everything else.

Why I Love My Keurig:
I love using my Keurig for heating water to make tea, cocoa and oatmeal. It heats the water very efficiently and keeps it warm until you are ready to pour it. I usually turn it on when I’m on my way to get the baby out of bed, and it is warm and ready by the time I get back. This is another one of my appliances that get prime counter space, rather than being stored away. (This is a big honor for my appliances.)

What I Use My Keurig For:
I use my Keurig mostly for tea. I’m a little addicted, I have a cup or so a day. When my husband is home I use it to make him coffee that I send with him on his way to work. We don’t use the K cups, we use the My K Cup and fill it with regular coffee grounds. I even learned how to add the right amounts of sugar, milk and chocolate to my husband’s coffee depending on his mood. I sometimes use it to heat water for other things, like oatmeal or to put into a recipe.

Features I Love About My Keurig:
The keurig is nice, because it has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean with a little dish soap. The tray I can throw into the dishwasher as well. I do wish it had a timer so that it would automatically turn on in the morning, but it doesn’t take too long to heat up. Unless you’re running late. It would still be faster than a trip to starbucks though! I like that it holds lots of water, I don’t have to fill it very often. I have had problems with some of my travel mugs being too tall to fit where the cups go though. I keep a glass measuring cup on it now, so that its easy to pour stuff into my travel mugs. There is more information on my Kuerig here.

Was My Keurig Worth the Investment?
Fortunately for us, this was given to us for Christmas. I definitely think it would have been worth it to invest in it in the first place, instead of wasting money on a regular coffee pot (and the wasted coffee and filters that went with it). I also think that the My K Cup is a must have, or all of our savings on using this would be out the door. It saves money on coffee for him, and for me it saves a little bit of money because it uses less electricity to run it, rather than using the microwave for a small cup of tea.

What I Use in My Keurig (I usually get all of these at Costco):
Chamba Chai Instant Tea
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
Folgers Ground Coffee

Disclaimer: I do get compensation for things you may buy on Amazon.com but all opinions are my own. I also love Amazon.com for reasons other than any compensation I may get.