Why I Love My Appliances: George Foreman Grill Edition

It’s time for the fourth edition of Why I Love My Appliances, the series of where I brag about my appliances and decide whether they are worth their investment and their shelf space. This week I will be talking about my George Foreman Grill. At home, we call it just “george” or “the george”. Although my husband’s suit is also referred to as “the george” but we talk about that alot less often.

Why I Love My George Foreman Grill:
It’s much easier to use than an outdoor grill, it doesn’t matter if it rains and I can continue cooking everything else in the kitchen at the same time as babysitting the grill. Ok, I don’t use the real grill, I believe that is the man’s job. I am happy to use the george when the man doesn’t want to grill. I also love that you don’t have to wait long for it to heat up.

What I Use My George Foreman Grill For:
Mostly, I use my George Foreman for cooking chicken at the last minute. If I have a recipe that calls for chicken and I don’t have any cooked I usually have some frozen and I defrost it and cook it just in time to add it to a recipe or casserole. Sometimes I will make burgers or steak on it, and I recently made some grilled peppers for fajita night at my neighbor’s.

Features I Love About My George Foreman Grill:
I love that it is small and compact, and that all I have to do is turn it on. I also really like that it is angled so that most of the fat will slide off of the meat. I can say that I have never used the bun warmer on top. It’s useless because I have a toaster. See more about My George Foreman Grill here.

Was My George Foreman Grill Worth the Investment?
We got this little grill for $3 at a garage sale before we moved into our first apartment. Best $3 ever! Yes, we could make all of this stuff on a frying pan if we didn’t have it but I enjoy using this more, and it’s faster. Both of those things mean that I have used it many times to make something that I would have been to lazy to make otherwise. And if I am too lazy to make something that would mean that we would have eaten out or bought something pre-made and more expensive. Even at not-garage sale price I think we have made back our money’s worth.

Disclaimer: I do get compensation for things you may buy on Amazon.com but all opinions are my own. I also love Amazon.com for reasons other than any compensation I may get.