My New Workout Plan

I’m on the countdown for when my husband might supposedly return home. Unfortunately I have cookie gut from sitting on the couch and eating cookies the whole time he was done. My facebook will seem otherwise, because I am just that good. Also, I don’t want to change my lifestyle too much because I’m lazy, and because I like cookies.

When I see my cookie gut, I feel bad. When I eat a cookie I feel a little bit better. When I realize I just ate an entire box of girl scout cookies I feel bad again.

My new workout plan is to do 5-10 squats everytime I feel bad about myself or when I eat something I feel bad about. It makes me feel better for the moment, so maybe, just maybe it will pay off later too. Right now I feel bad about myself because I’m out of shape and almost died on a short bike ride today. Ten squats are calling my name… when I get up. I’m sore!! Also, I want to eat the last samoa, but I might not because I don’t want to do more squats. See this plan is helping already!

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