Today at Arizona Mama: Red Sox Easter Basket

My husband and his family are big Red Sox fans. I will wear Red Sox stuff, but so far that’s about the extent of it for me. I’m sure my son will be getting into the baseball spirit this year so when I saw the ribbon, I had to buy it and decorate a basket for him.

Check out the tutorial for this Easter Basket here at Arizona Mama.

My New Workout Plan

I’m on the countdown for when my husband might supposedly return home. Unfortunately I have cookie gut from sitting on the couch and eating cookies the whole time he was done. My facebook will seem otherwise, because I am just that good. Also, I don’t want to change my lifestyle too much because I’m lazy, and because I like cookies.

When I see my cookie gut, I feel bad. When I eat a cookie I feel a little bit better. When I realize I just ate an entire box of girl scout cookies I feel bad again.

My new workout plan is to do 5-10 squats everytime I feel bad about myself or when I eat something I feel bad about. It makes me feel better for the moment, so maybe, just maybe it will pay off later too. Right now I feel bad about myself because I’m out of shape and almost died on a short bike ride today. Ten squats are calling my name… when I get up. I’m sore!! Also, I want to eat the last samoa, but I might not because I don’t want to do more squats. See this plan is helping already!

Why I Love My Appliances: George Foreman Grill Edition

It’s time for the fourth edition of Why I Love My Appliances, the series of where I brag about my appliances and decide whether they are worth their investment and their shelf space. This week I will be talking about my George Foreman Grill. At home, we call it just “george” or “the george”. Although my husband’s suit is also referred to as “the george” but we talk about that alot less often.

Why I Love My George Foreman Grill:
It’s much easier to use than an outdoor grill, it doesn’t matter if it rains and I can continue cooking everything else in the kitchen at the same time as babysitting the grill. Ok, I don’t use the real grill, I believe that is the man’s job. I am happy to use the george when the man doesn’t want to grill. I also love that you don’t have to wait long for it to heat up.

What I Use My George Foreman Grill For:
Mostly, I use my George Foreman for cooking chicken at the last minute. If I have a recipe that calls for chicken and I don’t have any cooked I usually have some frozen and I defrost it and cook it just in time to add it to a recipe or casserole. Sometimes I will make burgers or steak on it, and I recently made some grilled peppers for fajita night at my neighbor’s.

Features I Love About My George Foreman Grill:
I love that it is small and compact, and that all I have to do is turn it on. I also really like that it is angled so that most of the fat will slide off of the meat. I can say that I have never used the bun warmer on top. It’s useless because I have a toaster. See more about My George Foreman Grill here.

Was My George Foreman Grill Worth the Investment?
We got this little grill for $3 at a garage sale before we moved into our first apartment. Best $3 ever! Yes, we could make all of this stuff on a frying pan if we didn’t have it but I enjoy using this more, and it’s faster. Both of those things mean that I have used it many times to make something that I would have been to lazy to make otherwise. And if I am too lazy to make something that would mean that we would have eaten out or bought something pre-made and more expensive. Even at not-garage sale price I think we have made back our money’s worth.

Disclaimer: I do get compensation for things you may buy on but all opinions are my own. I also love for reasons other than any compensation I may get.

Road Trip Packing List Printable- Toddler Edition

Toddlers need a lot when they go on road trips. Not quite as much as babies, but to keep them happy and entertained for hours on end they need plenty of stuff. After I worked on my regular road trip packing list, I realized that I should just have a second one for the toddler’s stuff. He is pretty spoiled. I bring movies for me, and separate movies for him. I bring snacks for me, and separate snacks for him or else he eats all of mine. It goes on and on, but with the separate list it is easier to get it all straight.

One of my tricks for road trips with toddlers is that if they are drinking real milk regularly you can buy cartons of shelf milk that don’t have to be refrigerated until they are open, or I like to give him the pedia sure milk replacements. They are expensive, but cheaper than buying a big thing of milk and wasting it because you can’t refrigerate it. Also, I have found that it is hard to get whole milk most places, so I really like having my own milk with me.

Another thing is that I like to buy a few new toys or books. They don’t have to be “new” I usually get them from yard sales or kid’s resale stores but something new keeps him entertained for longer. The good thing about getting them at yard sales is that if you don’t want to keep them after the trip you can turn around and yard sale them again or it won’t hurt as much to donate them. It’s worth spending a little bit to have more sanity while traveling. I put some of his toys for the car in his backpack, so that they are easy for him to get to. If we are going to a family’s home that don’t have little kids, or staying in a hotel, I bring my playmat full of toys so that he is entertained the few days that we are there too. I just try not to bring anything sentimental orĀ irreplaceableĀ as toys are more likely to get lost when traveling.

I have a large rubberband that I use to hold his diapers together. It keeps them in one spot and is easier than a half empty bag later on.

Why I Love My Appliances: Keurig Edition

It’s time for the third edition of Why I Love My Appliances, the series of where I brag about my appliances and decide whether they are worth their investment and their shelf space. This week I will be talking about my Kuerig.

Let me start off with saying I don’t drink coffee. My husband does and he is the only one that does. For awhile that meant that we didn’t have a coffee maker of any kind, and he spent money at the coffee shop, and we all know that those places are not cheap. We finally bought a cheap coffee pot, but it made at least 4 cups of coffee and he only needed to take one to work. It was very wasteful, not to mention the filters and everything else.

Why I Love My Keurig:
I love using my Keurig for heating water to make tea, cocoa and oatmeal. It heats the water very efficiently and keeps it warm until you are ready to pour it. I usually turn it on when I’m on my way to get the baby out of bed, and it is warm and ready by the time I get back. This is another one of my appliances that get prime counter space, rather than being stored away. (This is a big honor for my appliances.)

What I Use My Keurig For:
I use my Keurig mostly for tea. I’m a little addicted, I have a cup or so a day. When my husband is home I use it to make him coffee that I send with him on his way to work. We don’t use the K cups, we use the My K Cup and fill it with regular coffee grounds. I even learned how to add the right amounts of sugar, milk and chocolate to my husband’s coffee depending on his mood. I sometimes use it to heat water for other things, like oatmeal or to put into a recipe.

Features I Love About My Keurig:
The keurig is nice, because it has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean with a little dish soap. The tray I can throw into the dishwasher as well. I do wish it had a timer so that it would automatically turn on in the morning, but it doesn’t take too long to heat up. Unless you’re running late. It would still be faster than a trip to starbucks though! I like that it holds lots of water, I don’t have to fill it very often. I have had problems with some of my travel mugs being too tall to fit where the cups go though. I keep a glass measuring cup on it now, so that its easy to pour stuff into my travel mugs. There is more information on my Kuerig here.

Was My Keurig Worth the Investment?
Fortunately for us, this was given to us for Christmas. I definitely think it would have been worth it to invest in it in the first place, instead of wasting money on a regular coffee pot (and the wasted coffee and filters that went with it). I also think that the My K Cup is a must have, or all of our savings on using this would be out the door. It saves money on coffee for him, and for me it saves a little bit of money because it uses less electricity to run it, rather than using the microwave for a small cup of tea.

What I Use in My Keurig (I usually get all of these at Costco):
Chamba Chai Instant Tea
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
Folgers Ground Coffee

Disclaimer: I do get compensation for things you may buy on but all opinions are my own. I also love for reasons other than any compensation I may get.

Road Trip Packing List Printable

I first posted a packing list that touched on what I do for flying and for road trips, but I really do pack much differently for road trips than I do for flying. There is something about having to depend more on yourself that makes me want to be more prepared. I also I wanted a nice printable list so that it was easy to physically check off what was in my bag and in my car so that hopefully I don’t forget anything. There are blank spots for anything extra you might want to remember. I usually use this list for 4 days or more. Anything more than 4 days I plan on doing laundry. Check back later, there will be a road trip packing list for toddlers soon!

Today at Arizona Mama: Pirate Satchel

I made a less-colorful but still very Disney bag shortly after I got home from Disneyland. I copied the size and pocket from this bag, but I changed up the closure some. I have to say that I love it and I wear it around quite a bit, especially when I am running errands. The first day that I didn’t wear it I left my wallet in the car- very embarrassing! It does show how nice it is to have your wallet, phone and camera attached to you though! Click here to see my Pirate Cross Body Bag over at Arizona Mama.

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