Wallet Decoration- Button Mickey

I have a wallet that my sister gave me recently, and I love it. I don’t love the company that put the name on the wallet, so I finally figured I should just cover it up instead of buy a new one and I love my wallet completely now.

Ribbon (optional)
Hot Glue



 After After:

This was quick and easy, I saw a pin made from buttons at Disneyland, so this is just my version. Green for money 🙂 The bow is optional, you never know it might be good for a Disney lover guy!

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7 thoughts on “Wallet Decoration- Button Mickey”

  1. I love this! The button Minnie is adorable but the upcycling of the wallet – AWESOME! I have a few swag things around here that I’m trying to think of how to use…just might be some button art in my future:)

    Thanks, Lindsey @ If I Had a Million Hours…

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