Feels Like Christmas, Maybe?

Usually the day after Thanksgiving our Christmas decorations are put up. It makes me feel that much longer than that is an eternity, even though it really wouldn’t matter. Today I finally got the boxes out of the attic (by myself, woohoo!) and put up the tree to start with. I put it in our den this year so that people could see it from the window as they walked up to our door.

My son doesn’t understand it and loves to touch the branches and tear off the ornaments and play with them. He can’t reach the breakable ones, but I’m constantly putting them back on the tree. We also watched Frosty the Snowman today. Colton approved!

Even if I’m not terribly in the mood for Christmas this year, it’s nice to have my son so that I go through the motions because I know he’ll enjoy it even if he wont remember it.