{Deployment Packages} Christmas Decor Edition

At my house we don’t pull out any Christmas Decorations or anything until after Thanksgiving. I didn’t think about getting this package out until recently but I really should have had it out a few weeks ago.

I did this same thing for Halloween, I found cheap and flat decorations so that my husband could have fun decorating his room. When I was buying them I knew I could make the same or better.

This time, I was able to find a couple things I could put together easily with the paper I had. I made the paper christmas lights and cut some paper for a paper chain that he can put together there.

The rest of the decoration items are from the dollar section of the store, and I included some candy, cocoa, chapstick, other of his regular goodies. (See Also: Deployment Packaging Station)

4 thoughts on “{Deployment Packages} Christmas Decor Edition”

  1. What a great idea! I’m telling my sister whose bf is currently in Afghanistan. I’m sure he would love something like this:)

    I found you via Anti-Procrastication Tuesday and I’m your newest follower:)

    I hope you’ll stop by:)

    Eliza K Prints

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