These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

It’s finally been cooling down around here, but only at night. I use that to my advantage and open the windows at night to try to cool down the house some for free. It got all the way down to 76 degrees in my bedroom! Cool enough to have a blanket on and to wake up and have something warm to drink.

I love something weird. At least my husband thinks it’s weird. I love to make buttered toast and hot chocolate (with milk, of course!) and dip my toast into my milk for breakfast. It’s so good! I was so glad it was cool enough to be able to enjoy that for breakfast this morning.

Even if I can’t enjoy cool air the rest of the day or spend time with my husband, I know I still have some of these little things to make me happy!

September in Review

Not much crafting was done this month, I must have been too ambitious last month, and was tired of crafting and blogging this month. I have to get back in gear though, because I get to go to Bloggy Boot Camp soon!
I was able to change up my blog design a little bit, and I created a Facebook page. Here are the few of the crafty/bloggy things I did do in between laziness and being sick.

Celebrating my Arizona Mama Anniversary

Halloween Costumes (Cowboy Woody, Angry Birds Beanie, Spiderweb Headband)

Trip to the Farm

Great Ideas (Using a Suitcase as Decorative Storage, Kitchen Towel Band)

Trench Coat Altered with Corset and Ruffles

DIY Vinyl Gun Decals

Halloween Treat Ideas (Not Candy!)

Toddler Activities

Writing on the Wall or the Closet

I was recently watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix and on the first episode they show a glimpse of Emma’s front door and it was awesome! I wanted to copy it, and then the day after I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to do it at applestone drive.

I wanted to make it unique and special to us and I made my husband choose the song. He chose Whatever You Like by TI. He tried to choose another song afterwards that had prettier lyrics or whatever but I had never heard it before and would rather a song that we actually know, even if it is a hip hop song!

I used masking tape to make my lines so that there was less pencil to erase, and I found that alcohol on cotton balls takes off the pencil really well if you mess up. (It also takes sharpie off really well too)

I thought it turned out ok but if I were to do it again I would leave the masking tape on there for the entire time (I took it off after I pencilled everything in.) I also probably wouldn’t waste my time pencilling anything on, I was trying to copy another font but in the end it turned out alot like my handwriting is usually. I also wish I had written a bit smaller.

Other personalized decorating ideas:
Painted Wall Quote
Ruffled Curtains
The Finished Nursery
Painted Charger Plates