October in Review- The Goal to Be Productive

When the kid goes to bed, the clock starts ticking. I only have two hours to do chores and such before he wants to wake up and demand my attention. So I set out to start on the dishes but then I get tired and I go sit on the computer. Do I go write a blog post that I have been meaning to work on? Of course not! I browse Facebook, Pinterest and now Twitter and think to myself that maybe I should do something productive, but I rarely do. I don’t even know what I’m doing that wastes my time but the next thing I know I’m hearing the kid screaming to get up, and my time has run out. Today my goal is to be a little productive during naptime today and tomorrow so I can be ready to get my carpets cleaned and go on a trip this weekend.

Here are some things that I did when I was actually productive this month, hopefully next month I will have even more to show you!

Halloween Stuff:
Halloween Towel Band

Easy No-Sew Ghost Banner

Ghost Candy Stand Decoration

ACU’s from Daddy’s

Red Riding Hood

Home Decor:
Writing on the Closet

Vinyl Decor for My Coca-Cola Button

Bloggy Boot Camp and Vegas Recap

Easy Lemon Chicken

These are a few of my favorite things

What’s your favorite Chapstick?

Deployment Packaging Station

Christmas is Coming