Not Drinking in Vegas Makes Great Memories

I think that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is just a way of saying “people in Vegas drink too much”. The people I saw out on the strip at 3am were never going to remember what they did that night. Me on the other hand, I will be able to remember it until I’m old and senile!

I Will Remember:

  • That self breast exams are very important! At every age!
  • I need to use a calendar for my blog and schedule out my posts when I get into a blogging mood, so that I can still have posts laying around for when I don’t feel like posting.
  • Friends first, then favors. Important for all friends, not just bloggy friends.
  • Never second guess a fun idea.
  • The epiphany where I realized the main idea of my blog with my 6 word summary of it: Saving money for fun, by crafting.
  • It’s ok to let posts marinate for a day or two.
  • I learned a bit about twitter and hash tags. It’s a ton cooler now that I understand it. Why did it take me so long?
  • Embracing myself and making my blog be who I am
  • Riding the Insanity, the ride that takes you off the side of the Stratosphere and lets look look death right in the eye. It was scary good, and a great way to save money on paying a babysitter 😉
  • Riding the Big Shot at the Stratosphere. Such a crazy experience to be that high off the ground, and being able to see all of Vegas

I’m sure more memories will come back to me as I have time to reflect, but this is a great way to start my week off. I have alot of brainstorming and work that I want to do for my blog, and I hope you will stick around for some of the changes.

Check out my twitter page now that I am getting the hang of it!

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