Last Halloween Post! Ghost Candy Stand

For the past alot of years I have put together small scarecrows, if you want to call them that, but they looked like small children dressed up as ghosts. They usually have shoes and jeans and a very round head with a sheet over it and black circles for the eyes and mouth. I usually put it together with sticks inside of the jeans, a shoe box for the body and a soccer ball taped on. I do not know why I haven’t blogged about this yet, I literally do one every year. Except this year. This year I just did a ghost without child legs.

This year I did it differently, and not only was it a million times easier, it is also where I will be putting the treats because I will not be going to the door every 5 seconds.

I think it turned out great- and it was super simple too.

5 Gallon Bucket- or box that size maybe? My bucket is where I keep my flour
Small Skinny Box- it might not have to be skinny but for some reason mine was
Basketball- really anything will work
Tape- i have nothing to add on this time, amazing huh?
2 White Sheets- or fabric but you want double layers so it doesn’t look like whatever is under it
Black Fabric Scraps- Cut like eyes and mouth. I used to sharpie but pinning these on saves the sheets for something else
Candy Bowl- optional
Candy- optional (See Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas


Tape Ball to Skinny Box

Tape Skinny Box to Bucket

Cover Ball, Box and Bucket Combo with Sheets

Tape or pin Fabric Scraps to the ghost’s face

Place Bowl on Bucket

Fill with Treats

My son loved the mini cheese puffs. I let him go trick or treating this one time without a costume, he can get away with anything, he’s so cute!

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