October in Review- The Goal to Be Productive

When the kid goes to bed, the clock starts ticking. I only have two hours to do chores and such before he wants to wake up and demand my attention. So I set out to start on the dishes but then I get tired and I go sit on the computer. Do I go write a blog post that I have been meaning to work on? Of course not! I browse Facebook, Pinterest and now Twitter and think to myself that maybe I should do something productive, but I rarely do. I don’t even know what I’m doing that wastes my time but the next thing I know I’m hearing the kid screaming to get up, and my time has run out. Today my goal is to be a little productive during naptime today and tomorrow so I can be ready to get my carpets cleaned and go on a trip this weekend.

Here are some things that I did when I was actually productive this month, hopefully next month I will have even more to show you!

Halloween Stuff:
Halloween Towel Band

Easy No-Sew Ghost Banner

Ghost Candy Stand Decoration

ACU’s from Daddy’s

Red Riding Hood

Home Decor:
Writing on the Closet

Vinyl Decor for My Coca-Cola Button

Bloggy Boot Camp and Vegas Recap

Easy Lemon Chicken

These are a few of my favorite things

What’s your favorite Chapstick?

Deployment Packaging Station

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming! is a well-used phrase in our family. We say it months and months ahead of time, whenever it pops in our head. (Sometimes even the day after Christmas!) It’s usually followed by this chant: I know what you’re getting for Christmas, I know what you’re getting for Christmas! So this is to my mom because we’ve been telling her that for two months, since we pitched in and got her something large. (It’s in my garage under a sheet, and she’s busted if she peeks!) but I also got her, and a few other people some gifts, and I even have them wrapped!

My wrapping is the best part of these gifts, I used fabric scraps. So technically they can be reused easily, unlike gift paper and they were no-sew, unlike the reusable gift bags I made before.

So to my mom, grandma and mother-in-law; I know what you’re getting for Christmas, I know what you’re getting for Christmas! 🙂

Buying Bulk Chapstick

I bought a big pack of Chapstick yesterday to split up in some deployment packages and to have a couple for myself. The problem is that there are too many choices! I ended up using a blue one for me, it Moisturizer. The others are Strawberry, Cherry and Original. What’s your favorite Chapstick and flavor?

So I Might Have Lied… Showing Off My Red Riding Hood Cloak

I said the last Halloween post was my last one until next year but Thursday night I decided to make this cloak for Friday’s party. I stayed up late, but it turned out awesome. Technically it’s not Halloween it’s Once Upon a Time (tv show on ABC) and I love it so much I will be wearing it for more than Halloween!

Last Halloween Post! Ghost Candy Stand

For the past alot of years I have put together small scarecrows, if you want to call them that, but they looked like small children dressed up as ghosts. They usually have shoes and jeans and a very round head with a sheet over it and black circles for the eyes and mouth. I usually put it together with sticks inside of the jeans, a shoe box for the body and a soccer ball taped on. I do not know why I haven’t blogged about this yet, I literally do one every year. Except this year. This year I just did a ghost without child legs.

This year I did it differently, and not only was it a million times easier, it is also where I will be putting the treats because I will not be going to the door every 5 seconds.

I think it turned out great- and it was super simple too.

5 Gallon Bucket- or box that size maybe? My bucket is where I keep my flour
Small Skinny Box- it might not have to be skinny but for some reason mine was
Basketball- really anything will work
Tape- i have nothing to add on this time, amazing huh?
2 White Sheets- or fabric but you want double layers so it doesn’t look like whatever is under it
Black Fabric Scraps- Cut like eyes and mouth. I used to sharpie but pinning these on saves the sheets for something else
Candy Bowl- optional
Candy- optional (See Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas


Tape Ball to Skinny Box

Tape Skinny Box to Bucket

Cover Ball, Box and Bucket Combo with Sheets

Tape or pin Fabric Scraps to the ghost’s face

Place Bowl on Bucket

Fill with Treats

My son loved the mini cheese puffs. I let him go trick or treating this one time without a costume, he can get away with anything, he’s so cute!

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Toddler Army Uniform Costume from Daddy's ACU's

I hate calling my baby a toddler- how did he get so big??

I’m not going to give a tutorial because I messed it up quite a bit, and didn’t have a very good way of doing it. (I was so frustrated it sat on the floor for almost a month!) The pants we’re super easy though, I made them just like pajama pants, and from the very bottom of the legs on daddy’s ACU’s.

So just enjoy the pictures of my cute little man- they make me cry- and just know that making this is do-able but finding a tutorial elsewhere would be a good idea!

I also want to try putting together a rucksack for him to use as a goody bag and maybe a tan t-shirt for under his jacket. (He was wearing a standard-issue blue’s Clues shirt for some of the pictures:)

Edited: I have gotten tons questions about making this outfit, it was something I made without a pattern (or taking enough pictures) but I did take some pictures of the outfit just laid out so that you can see it better so that maybe they can help more than I can! I do try to take the time to respond to any questions so feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will try to help!
ACU Top Open
ACU Bottoms

Deployment Packaging Station

My husbands office can be pretty messy when he’s home. It doesn’t change much in that sense but it is a different mess. A few months ago I cleaned up the office to use it for a party, and since then I have taken it over for my sewing and for a packaging station.

I am a thrifty shopaholic. Meaning, I shop but only buy sale items or things that are cheaper in bulk. So we have a table of stuff for packages to send to my husband. I try to keep everything I need there and everything that I want to send to him, weather its for the next package or for one after Christmas. We still have at least 6 months to go, so I know all of this stuff will be used.

How many packages a month do you send to your deployed soldier?

Super Easy Lemon Chicken

I made some lemon chicken yesterday and it was so easy and so good. I was feeling lazy and considering not eating anything but cookies if it meant not getting off of the couch, but this was easy and well worth it. I hope that those that don’t cook will take a look at it because it is something everyone can make very easily, and it is something that everyone likes. Did I mention that it was delicious?? Even the baby and dog loved it. Super Easy Lemon Chicken.

Not Drinking in Vegas Makes Great Memories

I think that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is just a way of saying “people in Vegas drink too much”. The people I saw out on the strip at 3am were never going to remember what they did that night. Me on the other hand, I will be able to remember it until I’m old and senile!

I Will Remember:

  • That self breast exams are very important! At every age!
  • I need to use a calendar for my blog and schedule out my posts when I get into a blogging mood, so that I can still have posts laying around for when I don’t feel like posting.
  • Friends first, then favors. Important for all friends, not just bloggy friends.
  • Never second guess a fun idea.
  • The epiphany where I realized the main idea of my blog with my 6 word summary of it: Saving money for fun, by crafting.
  • It’s ok to let posts marinate for a day or two.
  • I learned a bit about twitter and hash tags. It’s a ton cooler now that I understand it. Why did it take me so long?
  • Embracing myself and making my blog be who I am
  • Riding the Insanity, the ride that takes you off the side of the Stratosphere and lets look look death right in the eye. It was scary good, and a great way to save money on paying a babysitter 😉
  • Riding the Big Shot at the Stratosphere. Such a crazy experience to be that high off the ground, and being able to see all of Vegas

I’m sure more memories will come back to me as I have time to reflect, but this is a great way to start my week off. I have alot of brainstorming and work that I want to do for my blog, and I hope you will stick around for some of the changes.

Check out my twitter page now that I am getting the hang of it!

Vinyl Swirls Behind Coca-Cola Sign

My husband and I really like Coke stuff. He works for Coca-Cola now, but even before then we were decorating with Coke bottles. You might have seen my Coca-Cola Bracelet from a can and my Coke can necklace too. When I found a 1990 Coca-Cola button sign at The Desert Peddler I knew I wanted it because of the looks and the year (year I was born). My husband said I could go get it and I did. After hanging it I noticed two holes that weren’t noticeable before. (Our house was painted when we bought it, we have just been using pictures and stuff to cover up the marks and holes.)

With the leftover vinyl from my car stickers I decided to make some swirls that would cover up the holes and make my Coke sign stick out a little more. The red on red isn’t my favorite but I really don’t feel like repainting my kitchen right now. (Or maybe I do, but I feel like I need to wait for my husband to come home and decide on the color for me)

I first drew some swirls on a piece of cardboard, and held it up to my sign to see if that shape would work. I then folded my vinyl in half so that I knew how much space I had to work in, and I copied the swirls to one side of my vinyl (on the back). I perfected them and traced some of the lines with a sharpie.

I then folded my vinyl in half again and used clothespins to hold it together while I cut it out. I used scissors to cut it out, but next time I think I need to try practicing with an xacto knife. It would probably be easier.

After the swirls are cut out, they need to be put up on the wall. Start where the three of them meet, and get a little bit of each one to stick to the wall by peeling back a little bit of the backing and pressing it down with the included popsicle stick. After that, work on pressing down one swirl at a time. After one swirl is pressed down I found it easier to rip off the backing from that swirl to get it out of the way. Continue doing this until all the swirls are pressed to the wall.

So far I’m pretty happy with the way mine turned out. Up close you can see how rigid some of my cuts were, but from far away it looks fine.

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