Trench Coat- Before

If you are like me and in Arizona, you may ask “Why the heck are you wearing a trench coat?!?” and I would tell you that I am wishful thinking, and hoping for cold weather soon. Here we don’t cool down until October. But today It was cool and rainy. It was all the way down to 74 degrees at one point. We haven’t seen that since April- and that was at 3am. So maybe we will get lucky and it will be cool soon, and if it does I’ll be ready.

I found a really nice jacket at Goodwill for $15 and I shouldn’t have bought it because I didn’t really like it. But there was a lady there watching me try it on (because there was a line for the dressing rooms and my son was screaming so I tried on everything over my clothes in front of everyone so I could just leave) and she told me it looked nice on me. I thanked her for the compliment and felt I had to buy, until I got home and remembered it wasn’t what I wanted. It was still really nice, so I decided to make a few alterations to it so that hopefully it will be my one go-to coat and I can get rid of all the rest. (I buy a new coat every year but none of them are exactly what I want because I can’t see paying over $30 for any of them).

So here’s my coat. I love the hood, but I hate that the jacket isn’t very form fitting (I love the ones that are shaped like a dress) and I also hate that the buttons are hidden. I am in love with big buttons on jackets and shirts. I might have bought an ill-fitting skirt once because I loved the buttons. The last thing is that the arms are a little too wide, and will seem even wider once the coat is pulled in so those need to be taken in as well. Well, I’m off to the craft store so I can beautify this jacket!

Here are some of the trench coats on pinterest that inspire me:
Trench Coat with Back Bow
Dress Coat
Corset Backed Trench Coat

Which of these do you think I will style my new jacket after?

I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with a new altered coat!

UPPDATE: The “new” coat can be seen here, and it turned out awesome!

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