Halloweeen Headband

Materials:Lace (leftover from my trench coat)
Plastic Spider and Web (found at the dollar store-came with bats and rats as well)
Ribbon (optional, I didn’t use it)

Cut out enough lace to go around the headband, and hot glue it to the underside of the headband.

This is where I would add the ribbon, is to the underside of the headband, to cover the hot glue.

Cut a larger piece of the lace, make sure it’s longer as well as wider. You can run it through the sewing machine to ruffle it if you want.

If not, just cut a circle of felt and ruffle the lace around it, and hot glue it. Add strips of tulle and then hot glue your spider web to the headband as well.

That’s it, unless you want to embellish it more. I really like mine, it’s a little big for me but not too overwhelming so I’ll probably be wearing it most of October!

If you check out my new facebook page I posted a picture I found of the dog modeling the headband for me. The baby thought it was hilarious, apparently my husband did not.

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