Trying to Eat Better with Green Chicken a la King

Most of my recipes are something like my chicken a la king. They are saucy and have a little bit of meat and a lot of bread or noodles. Looking at the new food pyramid, My Plate we don’t get enough fruits and veggies. We probably didn’t get enough when it was a pyramid either.

I’m trying to change our eating habits a little bit, and just eat a little bit better, if not always healthy. Tonight I did that by making our Chicken a la King with my own vegetable juice instead of the milk and water.

The vegetable juice was made mostly of squash but also had green and yellow pepper bits, broccoli stems, and a little bit of peas. I started it with a bit of milk and added enough water to make it equal out to 3 cups at the end.

It tasted a little vegetable-y but it wasn’t much different from normal. I’ll probably do it like this as from now on, as long as my blender is working!

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