Simplifying for Fall

There is a Simplify for Fall even going on in the blog world right now. I didn’t hear about it until a few days into it when The Minimalist Mom posted about her progress and it made me want to start doing it for myself. I will have to get to what I can when I can, but I was able to clean up our clothes and laundry room a bit to start with.

I went through my clothes and got rid of stuff just recently. (My sisters always love when I do that!) I found a few more things that I didn’t want and put them in the yardsale pile, and made sure everything was organized. I also organized my husbands clothes a little bit better. I try not to go through his stuff or get rid of anything without him, I just “strongly encourage him” or threaten. One of the two. But he’s not here so I just try to cram everything into his space.

My closet still looks disastrous because I need to find a better space for my craft stuff. I think it will all go back into the closet of my spare bedroom once that gets cleaned out better. Or I’ll move all the army stuff there, and move my craft stuff into the army closet. Too many options.

I went through my son’s clothes (we keep them in the red shopping baskets) and took out everything that doesn’t fit, and sharpied our name onto the tags so we could give them to a friend for her son (I am greedy and I want them back for the next kid 🙂 I also went through the pile of clothes he hasn’t been fitting into that I already took out and finally sharpied our name on those ones too. My friend will be getting the box tonight hopefully.

Our laundry closet was still pretty clean, from when I posted about my clothesline. I wanted to get rid of a few hangers but after doing a load of laundry I realized I needed all of them. I still need a better way to store them though.

When I get back from yet another short trip I will be back to try to simplify in the other areas of my life as well. After I get some of that done I will have to try harder to look for a job. Anyone know of anything part time that I can take my baby with me? I don’t “need” the job so I’m going to be picky about bringing my baby with me and try to do something from home or childcare of some sort. Thanks for reading, maybe my cleaning will inspire you to do some too!