This vs That

I’m trying to start eating healthier. Not healthy, just healthier than I normally would. We just got back from a trip and with no food in the house we had to go find something for breakfast. I would normally go grab donuts, but instead we got everything bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

I tried to use that way of thinking for all of my grocery shopping, and made sure to stay away from the junk food isles so I wouldn’t be tempted.

I think I bought healthier stuff that I will still enjoy eating. Hopefully I can start a new habit of it!

Fabric Shower Hanger

My little sister is going off to college, so I made her this fabric shower hanger. She can take it from her dorm room to the showers, and all of her soap and stuff is ready to go! It’s another one of those “ugly projects” because the mesh is ugly, but it will dry easily.

28″ Pet Screening (I found it near the mesh, if you can’t find it, more mesh should work just fine)
32″ Mesh
Decent Hanger (Something that will take a little weight)

1. Fold the edges over once on each side of the screen, and zig zag stich them.

2. Fold screen at the 28 inch mark and pin. The two outsides should be facing each other. Use the hanger to draw a line of where it will be. The hook of the hanger will go through a small slit cut at the top. After the line is drawn, it can be sewn, and the slit can be cut and the excess can be trimmed. Yours may look different than mine, depending on the shape of your hanger.

3. Next the mesh can be cut. Please see the picture below for the dimensions. The selvage is used as the top edge of all of your pockets so that you have less to sew. After the pieces are cut, fold the other edges over twice and iron them down.

4. The pockets are pleated. Describing how to do the pleats is a bit tricky, so take a good look at the pictures. In the main design picture below I have measurements of how wide the pockets are at the bottom. Click on it to see it better. This is the space you will need to fit extra fabric in by pleating it, the measurements above is the length of the fabric that is folded into the space at the bottom. Keep reading it will make more sense!

Pin the right edge down first, there’s nothing tricky about that. Measure 6 1/2 inches of your fabric (mark it if you want to). Measure 3 1/2 inches on the screen material and pin the 6 1/2 inch mark of fabric to the 3 1/2 mark on the screen. Now take the fabric between the 3 1/2 inch mark and fold it, so that the bottom is a straight line and pin it. Also place a pin at the top of the pocket, where the 6 1/2 inch mark and the 3 1/2 inch mark meet. (The pink fabric one is my original sample)

Do the same for the other two pockets on that row, but using their measurements. After they are all pinned, they can be sewn. Sew around the three main edges, then go back and sew the dividing lines (where the top pins are). Make sure you don’t catch any of the other mesh in the dividing lines (it’s really frustrating when you do!)

5. The toothbrush and razor pockets are easy, they aren’t pleated. Just sew around the edges, and then divide the pocket in half with the sewn dividing line.

6. Plan out the bottom pockets the same way, by marking and pinning them and then sew them.

7. Put the hanger in, and then sew the back flap around the outside bottom of the hanger, to keep it in there really well.

You can now fill the shower organizer with all of your stuff and hang it up. I did, and it worked great. The main thing was I wanted to be sure that it held regular size bottles, because not all of them do. Thanks for following along even though it was a little confusing! Leave a comment if you can explain it better or if you still need help.

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Dog Stuff Holder

I had some miscellaneous dog stuff (including my new dog brush)laying around the house and I had to find a place for it. I saw this TP holderfrom an oatmeal container. It made me think about putting the dog stuff in one. I had an ugly oatmeal container sitting in the bathroom for a little while and finally decided to cover it.

Paint didn’t cover it well, so I mod podged some scrapbook paper onto it, and made it somewhat presentable.