One Crazy Night of Many

My son misses his daddy and he shows it by waking up at 2am and crying for over and hour. This Tim’s though, I was trying to calm him down and rock him when he started to fall asleep on my shoulder.

All of the sudden my son’s head springs off my shoulder and he slides himself to the floor and lays down there. I follow suit and lay down next to him.

My son keeps opening his eyes to see if I’m there so I wait awhile and then I quietly run and grab my foam mattress pad and my pillow.

I slept there the rest of the night and I woke up to blinding sun in my face and to my son hitting me with a package of crackers he found in the diaper bag.

I opened the crackers for him, thinking it might buy me a few more minutes of sleep when instead I was fed a snack regardless of if I wanted it or not.

I was happy to atleast get a little sleep but I will be very happy when he goes back to his old habit of sleeping through the night. Until then I will be grateful for any sleep no matter where it may be.