The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

A week before the party I was baking cornbread, so I baked the cake and cupcakes as well, and froze them until the morning of the party. It helped me have less to do. Also, when I worked near a bakery, they would freeze them purposely because it made them easier to frost.

My husband used to work near a bakery as well, and learned some of their tricks too. He was home and did most of the frosting for me.

I added the eyes, and the antenna tooth picks I made.

It was really simple, especially since I didn’t have to do most of it! I never knew that you kept all the cupcakes together to frost them for something like this, versus frosting each individually.

I had one extra cupcake, so I made a fat, round caterpillar. I know it looks terrible, but it tasted good, and gave my sister a chance to eat a cupcake before the party!

My son was so cute when eating the cake, seeing that was what the party was all about! He picked it up and ate it like a cookie!

2 thoughts on “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake”

  1. Omgosh! Came across your VHC party as I’m planning one for my son’s first Birthday and the picture of your son eating his cake made me giggle out loud. Just TOO cute!! Truly impressive party!
    P.S. I thought the big fat caterpillar cupcake was adorable 😉

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