Some Cool Things I've Been Making These Last 100 Posts

I have been blogging for a few years now, I’ve taken long breaks and have been slow going at times, but this is my 100th post! I thought I would highlight some of my favorite topics.

I love making stuff to add style to my home, I use acrylic paints a lot for this!

Wanted Poster, Meal Planner, Painted Wall Quote, Nursery, Baseball Bat Display, Love Wall Hanging

I also love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday!

Pumpkin Candy Holder, Incredibles Costume, Halloween Garland

I like to alter my clothes or use them for something new.

How to Cut-up Jeans, Strapless to Strapped Dress, Cuter T-Shirt, T-shirt to Romper

I love to make new bags, I have a new one that I will be posting soon, I really love it!

My Bags, New Purse, Envelope System Wallet

I love making stuff for my baby but he’s getting pretty spoiled!

Car Seat Strap Covers, Cloth Height Chart, Car Seat Tent, Cloth High Chair

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