Arizona Summer Fun!

Arizona is weird, most of us don’t go out in the summer. It’s like everyone else’s winter. We do have Monsoon Season, that brings in some crazy lightning shows and humidity and sometimes even rain and flash floods. We love the rain. If you have ever been in a school when it is raining you would see all of the kids go crazy like they have never seen rain before, and head out to go play in it. Outsiders like my husband, are shocked that we would behave so strangely.

My son got to experience his first good monsoon storm today. We cuddled up in Daddy’s blanket and stood in the garage until the tools started getting too wet (because the rain was going sideways). We went out to the “porch” and got soaked for a few minutes to keep watching. We finally decided to watch inside from the windows.

Colton did really good with it, he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not until there was a really loud burst of thunder that made me jump. He started crying for a couple of minutes but was fine afterwards.

If you are in Arizona and don’t do it already, take the time to enjoy these storms, they are a great experience and we don’t get them very often!

Painted Charger Plate

I made this over a year ago, but I never posted it. I don’t have a place that I love for it yet, it sits on a crowded shelf for now and for the past year. I need to re-arrange some things and put it somewhere I love.

I recently stenciled some more plates and hung them in my dining room, so you can use the tutorial that I posted it over at Arizona Mama to make your own. Check it out here!

He Doesn't Know It

He doesn’t even know what is happening soon, and that he will be able to rip open this paper, and make a big mess.

He doesn’t know that he’s already seen what’s inside, and that he was there most of the times that they were bought (or made!).

He doesn’t know that there will be cake, and that there will be a cake of his very own or that there will be a party.

He doesn’t know that family and friends will be coming to celebrate him and his first year or that he will be able to spend some quality time with his daddy.

He doesn’t understand, but hopefully someday he will.

His birthday will be arriving soon, and all of these presents are from him from family that loves him. He doesn’t need anything, but being the cute boy he is, everyone wants to get him something! He’s a lucky boy, happy first birthday to my son!

Ugly Clown Pajama Shorts from T-Shirts

So sometime I make really ugly projects. This only happens when I make mistakes or if it is really useful. This time I made something ugly and useful. I’ve been needing pajama shorts for bed but I really don’t want to buy any.

These could have been cute if they were the same color, but I was using the scraps of t-shirt left from my t-shirt quilt, so I only had the backs of the shirts and none were the same. (I do have other t-shirts in my stash, but I’m saving those to make more skirts.)

Large T-shirts
A Pair of Shorts to use as a pattern

First, fold your shorts so that you can use them as a pattern. The need to be turned inside out, and then pull one leg inside of the other.

Another first is to cut out your t-shirt, cut off the sleeves and other seams. I had already done it from when I was making the t-shirt quilt.

I am a small person, so two halves of a large t-shirt was enough to make me some shorts, if you are larger using two whole t-shirts would be a good option, just don’t cut off the side seams before-hand so you can save yourself a little work. Also, the shorts I used as a pattern were small booty-shorts so I made sure to make them longer so that they would be more comfortable. (They’re ugly so they better be comfy!!)

After you cut out your pattern on both shirts, it’s time to sew them up. The first seam to sew is the leg on each side. Once you do both of those, you can place your sides together and sew the crotch of the shorts.

Lastly, is the top seam where you will put in the elastic. I just fold it over once when I am using t-shirts because they won’t fray. Leave a small section un-sewn so that you can slide your elastic in. I like to use a large safety pin to help me get the elastic through.

Sew your elastic together and if you want you can sew the top seam closed and you’re done.

If you have done pajama pants before it is super easy to recreate. I know that was alot of people’s first projects, and if you haven’t done it yet buy a real pattern, and do it with t-shirts. It’s easy I promise! Especially if you know from the beginning that they are going to be ugly no matter what you do. Thanks for stopping by!

Lollipop Favor Display

For our Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party, I wanted to give out homemade lollipops but I failed at them, and don’t have time for trying them again. Instead I bought some suckers.

(Grandma: the recipe was fine, I just didn’t understand “hard crack” and I think they were the wrong temperature. They tasted good still!)

The preschooler I watch loves to paint, she helped me pain most of our decorations for this party. We both painted these lollipops to look like the ones in the book. She also paired the suckers, ribbon and painted lollipops together while I tied them.

Acrylic Paint
Lollipops or Suckers
Cereal Box

1. Draw lollipops on cardstock and paint them.

2. Once they are dry, cut out the lollipops.

3. Cut small pieces of ribbon.

4. Tie the lollipop pictures to the suckers.

5. Paint a cereal box green. We could have added a second coat to make it look a bit better, but we went with the quick and easy way this time, and only did one. We also only did the top half.

6. After the cereal box is dry, stuff it with crunched up newspaper.

7. Use a knife to make slits for the suckers to go into. Stick the suckers into the holes and put the box into a basket. Any other lollipop pictures can be taped to the front of the cereal box.

Now it’s ready for the party table. Thanks for checking this out, I hope you come back after the party to see the other details!

Party Time Because We Have a Floor!

My son’s birthday and party are coming up and I am trying to get everything ready, I’m super excited about the fact that we have floor space in our office now! (I say ‘our’ but it’s really my husband’s. It’s getting commandeered for the party, end of story sweetie!)

The desk along the wall is a corner desk, but we don’t have any 90 degree corners that aren’t covering the bookcase so I took out the corner and put both sides against the wall. Between that and the folding table we will have an awesome area to put the food!

Now, if only someone could come over and file for me, that would be great.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Stuffed Matching Toy

My mom made a caterpillar toy when I was little, and I can’t exactly recall what it looked like, other than there were different pastel fabrics on each side of each piece. I used her idea to create a ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar‘ version. This will be a gift for Colton’s 1st birthday. It goes along with the theme of his party!

Variety of green fabric
Something round to use as a stencil
Stuffing or Fabric Scraps (I used fabric scraps)
Red, yellow, purple fabric scraps
Fusible Webbing and wax paper (optional)

First, cut out all of your circles. You will need two of each pattern, except for the pattern at the end, and for the red which will be the face. I had alot of different green patterns, in the future I will probably use less.

Next, cut your velcro into small pieces, unless you bought pre-cut ones. After this it will be time to plan what order your patterns will be in, and pin the corresponding velcro to the pattern. You can do this by lining them up, the ones at the each end will be the face and a single pattern (no match). In the middle, you can put two of each pattern, in whichever order you want. Then the velcro can be pinned on top. The velcro won’t go on the first and the last pieces and will alternate between the hook side and the loop side for each piece. Put them in a pile, in a way that you won’t forget the order.

Next, sew your velcro to the center of the circles. You can do all of them at one time, or two at a time. After at least two sides that will go together are finished, you will need to put the velcro together, and sew around most of the circle.

Your circle will need to be turned inside out and then stuffed. It then will need to be hand-stitched closed. This can be done for all of the pieces, except for the face, and the piece that will become the other side of it.

For the face, you will first need to make the antenna. Mine turned out a little crooked, mishapen and floppy but I love them all the same. I’m just saying that it’s optional to include them. To make them, you will need to cut out antenna shapes, with the seam allowance.

Place your two antenna sides together and sew them, leaving the bottom open. Do this for both antenna. To turn them inside out is a bit tricky, I found it easier to use tweezers, and to also stuff them with tweezers also. Make sure they are a bit over stuffed.

For the next part of the face, you will want to either stitch the eyes and mouth on, or use the fusible webbing and put them on as an iron-on (I’ve been a little obsessed by iron-ons lately). This will be done by first cutting the pieces for the face, and then placing them on the fusible webbing with wax paper on top. Any extra webbing can be trimmed off, and then they are ready to be ironed onto the red circle.

Once your face is ironed on, you can pin your antenna in the center of your two circles. The open bottoms of the antenna will be sicking out, to the outside of the circle. You can sew your circle, like you did with the rest of them, leaving a portion of the bottom open so that you can turn it inside out and stuff it.

When everything is whip-stitched closed, you’re finished. My son got a sneak-peak at his present when I was trying to take pictures of it and loved it! He was actually pretty mad when I put it away with the rest of the presents I have to wrap. The great thing about this toy is that right now, my son just likes it because it’s a stuffed animal. Later he will learn how velcro works, and after that he can learn to match the patterns together. It’s great fun, and great for learning.

He Drives Me Crazy!

The dog has taken over my bed and is snoring again. Not to mention he just had his first tick medicine so who knows if there are any ticks still living on him.

He bugs me to death sometimes but he is still an amazing addition to our family. Most of all he is a best friend to my one year old son.

I was thinking of all the things that drive me crazy and I remembered how my son’s face lit up this morning after he saw Buddy and waved excitedly. Someone that brings that much joy can take up too much of the bed and snore. Just like my son’s daddy that does the same thing, and gives my son the same happiness.