Painted Wall Quote

Who needs vinyl when you have a 50 cent jar of paint? Ok, vinyl is much cooler but this is what I painted on my wall, just using acrylic paint.

I found a font that I liked online, practiced drawing it on a sheet of paper, and hung the paper on the wall above where I wanted it. The first side came out great, but the other side must be a glossy finish because the white paint kept dripping. It was frustrating, but it turned out good.

The curtain shown is the only finished side I’ve done but I’m almost done and then I will be posting my ruffled curtains tutorial.

Also, I have been singing The Beatles all day. I have a feeling that will happen more often since I will be seeing it everyday!

3 thoughts on “Painted Wall Quote”

  1. The curtains are beautiful! You can see it better on the link to your tutorial. Good idea on The paint as long as you don’t write line me! A. Heidi

    1. Thanks! Only one side of the curtains were finished when I did the painting so I didn’t really want to show them off until I finished them the next day 🙂

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