June in Review

I was able to get some stuff done in June that I have been wanting to do for awhile, the stuff on here is only part of it! It helps when I need to take pictures of parts of my house to do a blog post because then I will actually clean. I don’t think I have ever cleaned my laundry closet before!

I also was able to get around to changing my blog name, and url. If you still want to follow please re-subscribe. I kept the old blog around (even though it looks like this one) so that links to that one wouldn’t be broken. Thanks for coming back and checking it out! I was pretty excited about most of these projects.

House Stuff (Painted Wall Quote, Ruffled Curtains, Indoor Clothesline)

Baby Stuff (T-Shirt Quilt, Cloth High Chair, Personalized Shoes)

Dot to Dot Nail Art

T-Shirt Skirt with DIY Iron-On

Boy's Shoes Decorated with Tractors

My little one is getting very mobile, and will hopefully be walking soon. I am trying to get him used to the idea of shoes for when he has to wear them out. We found these cute ones at the store for only five bucks. I loved that they were plain and could be personalized.

Canvas-Type Shoe
Materials for DIY Iron-On(Fusible Webbing, Fabric, Fabric Marker)

1. First you need to make your DIY Iron-On. This one was drawn on with fabric markers and then cut out around the drawing.

2. Next, stuff your shoes with some. Crinkled newspaper or rolled up socks both work great.

3. Place your iron-on where you want it, and iron it on. The iron will have to set on the same place for at least ten seconds.

That’s all it takes to add a statement to little man’s shoes. Thanks for checking it out! If you enjoyed this project, feel free to subscribe to see all of my future posts.

Finished! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Art

I am getting into full on birthday planning mode, for my son’s 1st birthday. We chose the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle for the theme. So far I made a couple of invitations, and a party hat proto-type.

I saw these neat party decorations on Pinterest, and it sparked the idea that I could paint anything on cardboard to make awesome and cheap party decor. See the ideas at Pam’s Party Planning.

Anyway, I was able to get the cute little girl I watch to help me paint (it was an amazing distraction for her!) a couple of scenes from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are going to add the words from the book that go with each page (In the light of the moon, a little egg…. yes I just wrote that down from heart! and On Sunday, out of the egg…). We are also going to add an ultrasound picture to the left side and a newborn picture to the right side. This will be put up on one of the tables at the party for decoration and so we can all be amazed that he has grown so much in a year!

I plan on making more cardboard decorations, we just did this one today and I was too excited about it to wait to share! Thanks for looking, and I’ll be updating it when it’s finished.

UPDATE: I finally put the pictures on, it looks great!

Camping Foam Pad and Case

My husband has been doing some training with the military and has been sleeping on a cot. Trying to sleep, anyway. It’s been super uncomfortable so he asked that I buy him a foam pad for it. They were really thin and not very squishy, so I bought a queen-sized foam mattress pad instead. Doubled up it will be thicker and more comfortable.

Queen Sized Foam Mattress Pad
Fabric (or a queen sized sheet would work better)

1. First cut your foam mattress pad in half. It should be almost perfect size for a cot (or to lay on the ground under a sleeping bag). My mattress pad measured 56″ x 77″ x 1.25″. If yours is different the next few measurements will be different also.

2a. If you are using fabric instead of a sheet you need to cut your fabric. You should have two pieces that measure 33″ x 80″. I was using fabric I had, so I had to sew two pieces together to get the right length.

2b. If you are using a sheet, you don’t need to cut anything, just fold your sheet in half.

3. Next you will need to sew around all the edges but one of the skinny sides. Make sure your outsides of the fabric are together. When you are done turn it inside out.

4. The final step of sewing is to hem the edge and add velcro. We’re going to make that one step. Fold the edges, and pin the velcro on top of them. Sew the edges of the velcro.

5. Now for the fun part. Getting the case onto the doubled-up foam pad is a little bit of a nightmare. It’s just like a pillowcase. Bunching it up and putting it on like panty hose helped.

Velcro it shut and your done! I used rope to tie it when it’s rolled up, but you could sew on straps. Have fun camping more comfortably!

Dot to Dot Nails

I finally tried doing some more of my own nail art last night. I have a Nail Ideas Pinterest Board that is chalked full of ideas and good intentions. I’m glad I finally tried one! These were a mix of these two ideas: Neon polka dot french manicure, and pointalism manicure.

I did mine with the bent tip of a thin toothpick. Now if only I was ambidextrous and could take better pictures of my hands! Thanks for looking at my nails and the inspiration for them!

Painted Wall Quote

Who needs vinyl when you have a 50 cent jar of paint? Ok, vinyl is much cooler but this is what I painted on my wall, just using acrylic paint.

I found a font that I liked online, practiced drawing it on a sheet of paper, and hung the paper on the wall above where I wanted it. The first side came out great, but the other side must be a glossy finish because the white paint kept dripping. It was frustrating, but it turned out good.

The curtain shown is the only finished side I’ve done but I’m almost done and then I will be posting my ruffled curtains tutorial.

Also, I have been singing The Beatles all day. I have a feeling that will happen more often since I will be seeing it everyday!

My First Quilt- a T-Shirt Quilt

I finally finished my first quilt! I used my husband’s t-shirts to make a quilt for my little boy to have while he’s gone. It made it easier for my husband to go through and get rid of some of his old t-shirts.

Each of the squares are 15×15. For a baby it’s huge, but he will grow into it. I used sheer fusible backing for the t-shirts and there is no batting because it’s hot here and I want the baby to be able to use it all the time. With the fusible backing on the t-shirts and the actual backing it is still plenty thick. I used painter’s tape to make my sideways lines while quilting it, and each line is A Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book apart. (You know you love my measuring methods!) I used a nice gray for the quilting after finding out that micro-filament is difficult to use.