Baby Shower Gift- Cloth High Chair

Three of my Aunts just had babies and I will be able to go and visit them soon! I wanted to give them something but they have all had other kids and other girls so I’m sure they have everything, with the exception of more diapers! If I have time to get to the store they will get some of those, but in the mean time I made a cloth high chair for each of them. You can find the cloth high chair that I got the idea from here.

I made some cloth high chairs for my baby’s grandmas at Christmas time, and we all have decided that a plastic space saver high chair would be a better option to keep at their houses, especially as the baby began to self-feed. You can see my original plans here and my first cloth high chair here. My mom was able to replace her cloth chair with a real one, so I have been able to use the other one quite a bit when we go places. If you need a tray it works well with a pillow or phone book under the cloth high chair, and then push them up to the table (Although I would definitely never leave their side when they are like that!). You will enjoy the fact that you can eat next to them in peace!

I had to take pictures of an actual baby in the high chair because I never did that the first time! He was very wiggly and was trying to get out, but wasn’t able to. It just goes to show that it does work, and most the time he isn’t trying to get out because he’s happy to be eating!