Strapless to Strapped Dress

We recently went on a trip (that’s why I posted about my suitcase) and I needed some nice clothes. I was lucky to have friends that were able to take me out shopping to get a dress. They took me to Saver’s and I found a bunch of stuff.

The dress that fit me the best was strapless, and went well with a jacket over it so that I could still wear my regular bra underneath. I found while I was wearing it out that it still didn’t fit quite well enough and I was adjusting it the entire time, and constantly worried about if I was exposing myself. I knew that if I wanted to wear it again it should be completely comfortable and worry-free.

Strapless Dress
Bra (I had this because my dog destroyed the straps on one a long time ago)
Ribbon(should be same width as bra straps, and match dress, optional if bra straps look ok)

First alter the bra. Cut off the old straps and add the ribbon to replace it. Sew it on as it was before.

Next, try bra on with dress. Pin dress to the front of the bra, at the very top of the bra, so that it hides everything but the straps.

Sew the bra to the dress, try to sew where there is already a seam so it doesn’t look out of place. If the top of the dress tends to roll over, sew where the straps meet the top edge of the dress. This can be done easily by hand, to make it less noticeable.

It sounds confusing, but it really is simple, once you try both on it should make more sense to you. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps make you more comfortable in your own clothes!