Dimensional Magic Jewelry

I have been on the lookout for a locket for a little while. I’m being picky about it because I know I will be wearing it for the next few years. (I never take off my current necklace.) I saw this cute charm that was made by Polish the Stars. Her’s is actually glass and it’s customizable! But.. I’m kinda a DIY girl. So I found a bracelet with a metal ribbon slide that said hope. I put my tiny picture down and put the dimensional magic over the entire thing, giving it that glass-ish look. After it dried (wait the entire 24 hours to touch it! Mine has a finger print!) it turned out great and I just added a ribbon to it. Now I can wear a bracelet with my two favorite boys on it until I find my perfect locket. When I do, I was thinking a little strap of leather could make this a boy-ish cuff bracelet for the little man when he gets bigger.

Diaper Bag Replacement Purse

Don’t you hate it when you clean so well that you can’t find anything you need? Well I think I did that. I can’t find the pattern I made for this purse anywhere. It was just a piece of tissue paper so it might have accidentally been tossed. It’s so frustrating. Well I created it, so I can probably create it again when I need it. My mind is already onto a new pattern, so I won’t be recreating it any time soon. I will show off the finished product.

My new purse turned out really well. Some women go shopping for clothes or purses when they need a little pick-me-up, and I go fabric shopping instead. I stayed up really late the night I got my fabric, first I was just watching White Collar (my new favorite addiction!) while cutting out the pattern. Then I just had to stay up a bit longer to sew it all together. I was going to add on to it, but I think it is good the way it is!

I designed this with the features I liked from my diaper bag, but made it much cuter. It has a little less space than the diaper bag, but I can still fit a ton in there!

The next time I will be sure to put a stabilizer in the strap though. As you can see in the pictures it tends to fold up and crinkle. It could also use a top stitch around the opening, but when you have stuff in it, it doesn’t really need it. Hope this gets you excited for someday when I create a tutorial, thanks for checking it out!