Large Picture Frame Mat

We went to Vegas a little while ago and got this really neat spray paint-painting done for us. They wanted to sell us a mat for it for $15 I told my husband heck no, they would be cheaper at Micheal’s, especially with a coupon. We went and were going to get a custom frame and holy expensive! I don’t think I’ll ever be doing that, let alone for a $30 piece of art. We got a cheaper frame and I realized I could make my own mat for less than a dollar, especially since we don’t have to worry about things being acid free because it’s not a picture.

Every time I go to the dollar store I try to take note of what is there in case I need it later on. Last time I was there I noticed they had poster board. I went back and got a piece of the black and it was only fifty cents, awesome!

Take the fake picture that comes with the frame and set it on your poster board and cut out around it. Put double sided tape on the back of your art and lay it in the middle of the poster board. Put it in the frame and hang! So cheap any easy, right? This could be done if you had a printed picture as well, but I would make sure that the poster board and tape was acid free.